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  1. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

    Nah just kidding, Merry Christmas yall. 😂
  2. Calling all Rays 57DR/CR owners who have the RAYS Center Caps

    Can anyone get me the measurements for the inner and outer diameter of the center cap please? I didn't like the original Rays caps they come with. i want a more flatter/ flush look with the wheel so i might either find something universal or have something CNC'd out. P.S.- i don't have the...
  3. A+ Sticker Sender: zrk

    Got my zrk care package today, @zrk is legit, he made sure to write Chicago, IL 5 times on my letter to remind me that this letter is from Chicago, IL. :thumbsup: One step closer to being like @zrk, now i just need the xona turbo and a beard.
  4. FS: OEM Premium Wheels wrapped black with Shine Graffix vinyl /w TPMS

    OEM 2 tone wheels wrapped gloss black with Shine Graffix wheel vinyl. 3 tires are good, 1 is toast due to my liking to do donuts in one direction and no alignment for the longest lmao. Comes with TPMS sensors on all 4. Will come with center caps and everything. $900 firm, no rush to sell. LOCAL...
  5. "Spotted in the Wild" Thread

    Anyone have pics to post of someone random spotting your car and posting them on Social Media? I recently had one and wondered how many other people had the same experience lol. I have multiple others from over time, here's a few.
  6. DRL's off by Preference

    Who else rolls with DRL's off...? I like the look "off" personally lol. Doesn't look bad either way, just wanted to see who else rolls in "incognito mode" lmaocar is on with DRL's optioned off under "exterior lighting"
  7. Where my OEM+ peeps at!? Roll call!

    For those of you who like the car for how it originally came, but just wanted a little more appeal, OEM+ is your taste! How many people here are on the OEM+ boat? Post up!
  8. .

    whatchu lookin for?
  9. SD_MK🖐🏽 Build Journal

    Stock Form: Current Form: Dyno Run: Custom Roller Animation: Performance: -Titan Motorsports Catless Downpipe -FTP Intake Inlet -K&N Drop-In Filter -CTS Turbo Chargepipe -Verus Engineering BMC Brace -Verus Engineering Turbo Heat Shield -Verus Engineering Air Box Resonator -MHD Super...
  10. See y'all in Vegas.

    SIV ready and about to hit the road. I don't have any Social media so if i can meet any of you guys out there and help me with "events" outside of the main SIV ones, that'll be great. I know there will be little hubs with Supras everywhere doing different things. :headbang:
  11. Vendors Assistance!

    Any vendors that either have in stock or can get what i need, let me know! I'll PM you, i want a price inquiry so i know ballpark of what i'm spending! in search for: Max Orido x AKEa A90 Side Skirt Aero Parts HMU! ?
  12. SoCal Friends at aFe Power!

    My car is posted up! Come say hello my forum brothers!
  13. Soooo...

    Who's going..? Also, who's going from San Diego..?
  14. In search of JB4 w/ BT adapter and EWG harness

    Anyone selling in california? Preferably San Diego Area, willing to drive up to LA if necessary...
  15. Post up your Night Shots

    Took some random night shots last night on the way home, figured i can see what you guys have for your cars, it might inspire me to find some locations for other shoots in my area similar to any of your guys shots. ??
  16. Bimmercode on Post 7/20...

    Can you flash any Supra post 7/20 with bimmercode to code out some stuff? Or is the DME THAT locked that you can't mess with anything at all..?
  17. The Anime Lounge

    I've been seeing a lot of people with anime related avatars... could this mean that there are Supra owners who i would classify as "my people"? Lol
  18. JB4 Help

    Can anybody point me in the right direction? A customer of mine recently bought a used JB4 for his A91, but the module is still linked to the previous account. We tried every necessary way to unlock it to the point that we've consulted with the previous owner. He's done everyhing he can on his...
  19. Happy 8-6 day! すごい!!

    Happy 8-6 day everyone! Just posting up my yellow TRD FR-S parked right behind a Red 2.0 GR Supra! Loljk, but happy 8/6 day to all you 86 owners lol.
  20. #mkvmondays

    Let's start a new monday trend, post up your #mkvmondays.