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  1. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Is that a thing? Are the H&Rs known to cause the pulling to the right? That would explain a lot smh
  2. NY state inspection

    Where in NY?
  3. Cars you owned prior to Supra

    Mine doesn’t look as good lol. I’ve gotten offers on it but I’m now sure if I’m ready to part with it. If I do though I’d get either E36 or E46 M3
  4. Cars you owned prior to Supra

    Previously 15 M4 17 M3 Comp Both 6MT Currently 91 E30 318is 20 Supra Also building an RB25 S14 240sx
  5. Passing inspection

    Has anyone with a catless downpipe Had to go for yearly inspection yet? I’m stage two BM3 and wondering if there’ll be issue passing inspection in NY.
  6. Is it wrong????

    Same here, interested in those quickjacks.
  7. HKS intake....?

    Nothing but good things to say about extreme powerhouse as well
  8. HKS intake....?

    Sound is benefit enough lol
  9. Moly new generation Oil?

    Liqui-Moly top tec 5-30 is what I’ve used. It’s perfect for the Supra.
  10. AeroFlow Dynamics Aero Suite

    I kinda like it actually.
  11. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Any lip kit recommendations?
  12. Shipping spacers not being removed?

    It was the same on mine. I had to take em out myself because they broke and where making a noise. I thought my struts were bad but they where just those broken spacers.
  13. Stevenlammy GR Supra Build

    Does that setup have any effect in bumpsteer at all?
  14. Toyota Supra, Ruined by Bump Steer?!?!

    2021 Supra gets ungraded bump stops. Perhaps we could use those new bump stops.
  15. NJ/NYC

    I’m from Yonkers but work in Long Island. I’d be down.
  16. HKS HiperMax Touring Spring Kit

    So that’s why that happens ‍♂️
  17. 2021 tt?

    Still single turbo.
  18. Suspension options

    Every place I look online doesn’t sell that piece individually. It’s already on strut.