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  1. Doing my research

    I think you're mistaken. The power difference between the 2020 & 2021 is a real 47hp difference. See below for Dyno results down back to back. I'll link the thread by OpenFlash Performance.
  2. Is Toyota working on a new MR-2?

    Interesting reads on the 86 forum. Entering the speculation zone, a rough translation of the article says turbo hybrid V6. And Ichitaka05 saying "It's all up to how one of the deal works out the deal (I think). But who know, we might be able to see sooner... but I wouldn't hold my breath." Makes...
  3. New Nissan Z Proto looks to the future, inspired by its past

    Agreed, I think on paper it made sense to try to make a smaller version of the FT1 concept, until it was seen in person. I still think the MKV looks better, but I'm beginning to warm up to the 400z's more simple look, in comparison. The MKV sometimes looks like someone just went crazy with the...
  4. New Nissan Z Proto looks to the future, inspired by its past

    I think it's waayyy too early to say if the new 400z Proto is better than the MKV. But, for now the public opinion around the reveal is far more positive than when the MKV was revealing.
  5. Is 86 more fun than the Supra?

    Wow, seems like you had a rough time with the 86/FRS/BRZ platform and community. Doesn't mean that holds true for everyone's experience. The funny comparable thing about the 86 and MKV is that Toyota didn't solely develop the engines or platforms for either car. Even more funny is that there's...
  6. Visual Comparison: Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    Based on looks the Supra does look better IMO. I don't think the Z Proto is ugly, the only let down is the front bumper. The side profile looks good, the rear lights are ok (warming up to it), interior is a nice big step into the new age of car design. I absolutely hate the interior of the...
  7. Nissan GTR vs Supra

    Fully agreed. I think Matt Farrah said it best on his review of the MY21 car, in saying that the MY20 Supras will probably feel the depreciation more since the MY21 cars would probably have interest, given the power bump and other upgrades (small, but still there).
  8. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    To quickly answer, no number plaque. If you zoom in on the image below, no number plaque on the passenger side like the LE's have.
  9. Next gen Nissan Z chat "400Z"

    What a disappointment. Not to beat the dead horse, but the current Z is ancient and needs something new. If the report is true, It'll be releasing about the same time as the new GR86, new WRX, and maybe the GRMN Supra.
  10. A91 Spoiler on 7 month Back order?????

    No problem man. I get this is super frustrating dealing with delays due to COVID, and now a shortage of CF spoilers? Weird.
  11. A91 Spoiler on 7 month Back order????? Not the only one. Others are questioning if the cars could still be delivered without the spoiler and installed later.
  12. Is a manual transmission in the cards for the new Supra?

    All of this is great news, but I'll need to see it before I believe it. I agree with others that it'll only be available to the 4cycl car. Makes sense since the Z4 20i across the pond already runs it to the same motor (B48) the 4cycl Supra uses. Just change the gearing a bit due to the power/TQ...
  13. Is it worth it to buy a 2020 Supra now?

    Congrats. Seeing the car was a little modded already, how many miles were on it?
  14. Comments & Reactions from the Web about the new Supra

    I took a quick glance at the Corvette forum, here's a couple of gems that stood out
  15. 2021 Supra Prices Revealed!

    Nice. Still a bit of a wait for the A91s right? Also, after seeing the Matt Farah's review on the 2021 Supra, this seems to be car to have.
  16. 2021 Supra Prices Revealed!

    Just curious, if you plan on leasing the 2021 Supra, are you still shooting for an A91 or premium?
  17. Second generation Toyota GR86

    This car is becoming such a disappointment. From development to looks, IMO. I really hope it feels great to drive.
  18. 2021 tt?

    I don't believe he owns that car. He started a new series of videos, were he reviews cars from his viewers/fans. I don't think his videos are informative in any nature, and he shows the most bias than any other Youtuber I've seen. 95% of his videos are labeling things junk, and his outdated...
  19. Comments & Reactions from the Web about the new Supra

    If this was a serious review, this is the worst one I've seen. This seasoned auto mechanic said the reason for the HP difference between the MKV and the Z4, is because the Z4 has two turbochargers??? Then eventually follows up and says the 2021 Supra will get the twin turbos as well??? Do ppl...
  20. Next gen Nissan Z chat "400Z"

    Well, ppl complained the MKV didn't look like the FT-1 concept. Barely any car looks close to it's concept. The only one I know from recent memory is the Lexus LC500 to the LF-LC concept.