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  1. Who has highest mileage?

    Yeah I just crossed 36000 kilometres today :yes:
  2. Who has highest mileage?

    About 22300 miles right now :rolleyes:
  3. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Thank you! and yep I defiantly did
  4. What did you do to your Supra today?

    EVS Tuning Front Fenders And RSR EDC Canceler
  5. Lack of a spare tire, concerning?

    Yes I got the same spare tire included from the dealership, I believe it's mandatory in our GCC region to have a spare tire and fire extinguisher (which is mounted in the middle between the two seats btw) in any new car that's being sold but I have also removed it from day 1 because it's an...
  6. IND | 3D Design A90 Supra Carbon Shift Paddle Set

    So overpriced just like some of your other products..
  7. Has anybody tried to reject their Supra because of the JBL system?

    honestly after using Tadda's EQ settings alone its sounds really decent, I know it's not the greatest but it ain't bad either
  8. How Many Miles On Supra?

    update: I've done about 19250 now :rolleyes:
  9. Which rear spoiler to buy?

    A quick search shows it's a 2-piece Forged Wheel from not quite sure on the model or name
  10. Deciding when to tune?

    I remember tuning my car after 4-5 months with bootmod3 stage 1 on stock hardware the difference was day and night and I wish I could've done it sooner as well, everything was smooth as it could be and with more excitement And now am running OTS stg2 with the required hardware and same story
  11. Play/Pause Button?

    Now lets ask the real question here .. HOW DO YOU SKIP TO THE NEXT/PREVIOUS SONG WHEN YOU'VE SHUFFLE MODE ON?!! the only way to do it is by using these 2 buttons but it's not convenient as it's quite far from the driver reach Again I know about the scroll wheel on the steering but that will...
  12. supra 2020 stage 2 vs other sports cars?

    With an OTS stage 2 with just DP and intake I was able to take on - Mustang 5.0 - Golf R stage 3 - S3 stage 2 - Challenger Hellcat - Subaru STI stage 2 - BMW M3 and more .. some races with the mentioned cars were neck 'n' neck but if you add on more mods or go with custom tuning I believe it...
  13. FS - Boost Logic Valved Exhaust with Black Tips - Phoenix, AZ

    Awesome I was planning to get the same so this boosted my confidence :yes:
  14. FS - Boost Logic Valved Exhaust with Black Tips - Phoenix, AZ

    I am just curious what you would get instead of this if you thinks it's too aggressive :)
  15. WTB: lip kit & wing

    I don't know what you mean by similar it's an exact copy o_O, but if you're taking a mold of the original kit and making it out of CF then yeah that's the only difference
  16. Bootmod 3 users

    You can definitely run it with a catless DP in fact an AGG map must be run with a catless DP and a catback, it says under the recommended hardware to have a straight pipe setup for AGG maps. So personally I wouldn't do AGG maps on stock catback exhaust but would rather wait till I do a straight...
  17. bootmod3 vs. flash tool x,y,z

    its really tempting to switch over if bm3 doesn't come up with new features or something to keep competing with
  18. bootmod3 vs. flash tool x,y,z

    Ecutek now(or soon) offers Antilag,map switching and valet mode
  19. bootmod3: Direct ENET cable support for iOS/Android (BETA)

    one more +1 point for bootmod3 :thumbsup:
  20. What other vehicle were you thinking of buying if you did not buy the Supra?

    Around the same price point (give or take) of the Supra I was considering the following: - Tesla Model 3 - BMW 3 series / M2 - Mercedes A35 / CLA - Porsche 718 If I had a bigger budget and more time to spare I would've considered: - Used Nissan GT-R (My dream car) - Corvette C8 - Porsche 922...