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  1. Mishimoto's Catch Can R&D Thread

    I noticed a fair amount of oil buildup in the charge pipe with about 1,500 miles on Pure800 setup using BMS catch can only.. No smoke (yet) however am wondering if anyone else had similar issue and if this particular catch can fixed it.
  2. Lets see those 18" wheel setups!

    I picked up the 18" Enkei's and think they turned out great.
  3. Pure800 93oct OR E50 Tune

    For sure you would. I mean why aren't more people going port? Dollar to performance it has to be up there with a pure upgrade.
  4. Pure800 93oct OR E50 Tune

    Why aren't more people wanting full e85 setups? The gains are that much again better going from partial to full ethanol.. not to mention its a pain filing up/ getting the ratio correct at the pump.
  5. Titan Motorsports - First in the 8's

    Pure800, nitrous, port injection running e98.. and the video I saw looked like they were running motec/ not ecutek.
  6. Random clouds of white smoke from exhaust, Pure 800

    I think he's referring to the coolant system of which you'd be having other, much larger, problems if that were the culprit.
  7. FS: Titan Protune (SOLD)

    I measured boost off of Titans meth kit I'm currently using.
  8. To Tune out obnoxious Burble/gunshots..

    Did you ask your tuner if he can remove it altogether? I wouldn't see why not.
  9. Suggs.OR's Nocturnal Supra Build

    Sounds like a good start and future plans. If you plan on tracking it much you should change out the brake pads/ fluid and upgrade the heat exchanger and aux radiators. Outside of that, I'd look into some the SPL suspension parts to aid in handling and alignment.
  10. FS: Titan Protune (SOLD)

    Yep. All ready to go.
  11. Magnaflow exhaust??

    Exactly why I went hi-flow catted DP. I might be sacrificing a few HP but it's worth it for how deep of a note it has.. one of these days I need to try out the straight pipes it came with and see what that sounds like
  12. THE 1st A90 Supra HKS SSQV4

    Strange sounding BOV.. All I hear is "wooohooo" lmao
  13. HKS adjustable springs installed with Weds wheels

    I think it's a good look especially since you lowered the car. Acting and looking like everyone else is overrated. Do what you like and ignore the haters.
  14. Pics of Supra with aftermarket wheels

    Thanks. Yeah, 18's. Continental tires can't handle the pure800 so a set of 28" drag radials are on the way.
  15. FS: Stock Wheels w/ tires and TPMS - SOLD

    SOLD - Would anyone be interested in my stock wheels? Perfect condition with 1,500 miles. $1,250 local pickup - Columbus Ohio
  16. DME Locked status

    Have you had luck unlocking the A91's? I've heard they're unlock-able..
  17. Turbo broke. Should I go Pure 800?

    From what I understand, the pure's are pretty robust. I can think of a few people running upward of 30psi reliably. If you plan on going pure eventually then I would just upgrade now and save yourself the headache of dealing with the dealership.
  18. REXPEED: 2020 Supra V1 Carbon Fiber / Forged Carbon Side Door Garnish is Now AVAILABLE!

    That's awesome! Sign me up for a set with standard weave carbon!!
  19. Turbo broke. Should I go Pure 800?

    I had some serious spiking issues when I ran e50 with stock turbo. I definitely would've blown something up if I didn't have it brought within spec.