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  1. Only one mirror polarized…

    I've never driven my Supra at night so did not know about this feature.. :hide:
  2. Canadian Manual Transmission Allocations

    Considering the issues I've read about this manual, fate is probably doing you a favor to think again... (?)
  3. A bit disappointed in Toyota

    Haha, awesome man. :cool: You and I know how to keep things real.
  4. A bit disappointed in Toyota

    Oh man, I can seriously see that (forum atmosphere). I think we have some of those types here too. I'm sorry if I offended you about your GR Corolla as that was not my intent. I was just mocking the OP (well playfully) that fake vents is nothing to worry about. I am also a STI / Golf-R...
  5. CSG Feedback (CSG pads)

    :lol: Dang.. I guess I am often puzzled..
  6. A bit disappointed in Toyota

    Yikes.. glad I'm not like that. I know NASIOC was like that too.. bunch of low self esteem kids with no money fighting their own evils. It was sad to watch.
  7. CSG Feedback (CSG pads)

    I haven't seen his thread. :dunno: I should feel old? Not with the times.. ?
  8. A bit disappointed in Toyota

    Not sure why you Supra folks are getting your underwears all tangled up as I was only saying getting disappointed at fake vents on a Supra has far less impact than driving a "ultimate high performance" Corolla no regular person would give a shit about. I don't care about the fake vents or...
  9. CSG Feedback (CSG pads)

    What do you sell? Might help to link your first thread for convenience?
  10. Wing mirror mod?

    :nono: Just as dumb as fake vents.
  11. A bit disappointed in Toyota

    Okay okay, so they will say they drive the most high performance Corolla. Sounds no less retarded. :crazy:
  12. A bit disappointed in Toyota

    In addition they have to explain themselves they have the high performance Corolla and the rest of the world looks at them like WTF is a high performance Corolla... :crazy: ..then have to explain why the price they paid for a WTF high performance Corolla is justified. In contrast, life is...
  13. Opinions- Front lip & Skirts

    I just went with the glossy black finish MaxtonV2 on mine.. just the front splitter. I think adding too many pieces on the sides and rear make the car look a bit busy.
  14. What's your Supra anthem?

    Once I got the wireless CarPlay to work, I shut it down and just listen to the car. I have Spotify playing in my house 15 hours a day, so 2 hours of quiet time (no music time) is fine. :drive:
  15. A bit disappointed in Toyota

    I look at my house and it has fake window shutters all over the place.. but it makes the house look good. :dunno:
  16. New Spoiler! Whatcha think?

    Pretty rice, no? :crazy:
  17. Best Springs to choose from and optimal heights?

    H&R stands for Highway & Racing. :headbang:
  18. Time for oil change will warranty get voided?

    Or butch.. :dunno:
  19. A91-MT CLUTCH GONE💀☠️😵🏴‍☠️🪦

    This thread reminds me of the junk 370Z's CSC issue.. I hated that car near the end. :crazy: