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  1. Is this bad as far as rubbing goes?

    I recently had a set of tires installed on my stock wheels. I also have spacers on my car which are 13mm in the front and 15mm in the rear, I'm also lowered by 0.8". Tires are 265/35/19 285/35/19 During heavy load the front tires rub a bit and I've posted a photo. Not sure if it would help...
  2. Error messages after alignment

    So I just got back from getting an alignment done (third party) besides the fact that pretty much every measurement was out of whack. After the tech gave the car back to me he informed me pretty much every malfunction came on the infotainment system and the steering wheel is a bit off center...
  3. Who did you use post brake recall to unlock DME?

    I got the recall done a couple weeks ago and as expected I lost my BM3 tune and my DME is now locked with the new software. My DME was tuneable before so all I need is a bench unlock (already verified by Protuning freaks). I noticed some companies actually downgrade the DME to a previous version...
  4. Anyone else gonna be at NOLA for the HPDE on October 10th?

    Signed up for the complimentary HPDE at NOLA Motorsports. This would be my first time ever taking a car to the track.
  5. Red liquid in airbox

    So I recently installed a K&N drop in filter and lifted it up today to find a small amount of some type of red liquid. I've cleaned it with a towel but I'm wondering what the heck it could be. I wiped where the air dam is and that was completely clean so it doesn't seem to have come from...
  6. Auto-Leveling headlight issue with lowered car.

    So I had my car lowered on H&R springs yesterday. Driving home from work tonight I noticed a lot of people flashing me, I put two and two together and assumed my auto leveling was off. Parked the car in the garage and noticed my beams are higher than normal; so that confirmed my suspicion. I...
  7. What truck do you use for towing your Supra?

    I'm going to start tracking my car once I move and I was wondering what truck everyone uses for towing. I would prefer a Tacoma as I hate driving large vehicles so I'd rather not buy a Tundra. Anyone towing their cars with a V6 or is a V8 pretty much a necessity?
  8. What did you do with your stock wheels? (Non LE)

    I'm strongly considering just getting new wheels for my 3.0 Premium (the two tones are terrible). I thought about getting them powder coated but decided against it. Is there much of a market for used non LE wheels or should I just leave them with the installer?
  9. Caring for matte carbon fiber

    I'm interested in buying a matte carbon fiber Rexspeed spoiler but I'm worried when washing it with lubricated soap or getting wax on it, it'll cause blemishes. Does anyone use the Rexspeed or have any carbon fiber bits on their vehicle that have a matte finish? If so, how do you wash it.