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  1. Seat base tilt

    Hi, me again. I read somewhere that the seat base is adjustable for height and angle. I can't seem to be able to adjust the angle /tilt on mine. Height is fine, the button on the side is multi use. Is there a knack to it?
  2. Carplay

    Picked up my JRE this week, very impressive car. Only thing is when I connected my iPhone, carplay seemed to work. But, messing about, I activated a driver profile and I can't work out how you get carplay working. Wick heading is it under?
  3. B58 engine type.

    After reading through the oil consumption thread in the states, it seems the problem engine is the updated 2021 one. Amongst other things I understand it has six exhaust ports as opposed to 2020’s two. Am I right in thinking that the UK spec 2021’s are the”old” style two port units, therefore...
  4. Oil additive

    Has anyone used an oil additive/friction reducer on the B58, something like ceratec or ZX1? Is it advisable or needed?