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  1. Carbon Steering Wheels

    Yeah, it's thicker. The stock steering wheel is definitely one of the worst steering wheels I've ever used. I think they just used one from a Toyota van or something. So rubbish!
  2. What's after the Supra?

    I've no plans to sell the Supra anytime soon tbh. It's a 2020 car, and I've owned it since May 2021, and I still love it. Other cars I currently like are just about within the realms of affordability (used): - Alfa Romeo Quattroformaggio - Porsche Cayman GT4 - Porsche Cayman GTS - BMW M2 (2023)
  3. Wing mirror failing

    No, they just tested it an replaced the whole unit afaik. They never told me what the issue was.
  4. Wing mirror failing

    My driver's side one failed last year - wouldn't fold in. I had it replaced under warranty with no issues.
  5. Do you have an Insta for your Supra?

    Already following you ;)
  6. Lowered Supras in the UK

    I've had the Eibach Pro-Kit Springs fitted for about a year now, and generally, they're fine and shouldn't cause you any problems. The problems come if you add a large front splitter. I recently fitted the Maxton Street Pro front splitter. and now find that I need to take it super slow and at...
  7. Burbles ... Love 'em or Hate 'em?

    Here in the UK we got/get nothing really in the way of burbles from the exhaust, which was rubbish! A sports cat, a backbox mod, and a bm3 tune have made the burbles come to life and now it actually sounds like a sports car. In Normal mode, it's quite subdued, but in Sport or Sport+ it sounds...
  8. Thinking of ordering

  9. Any old guys driving Supra’s?

    Fuck no! 🤣
  10. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Recently had the new Maxton Street Pro Front Splitter fitted. I previously had the Maxton Design V2 splitter, but I managed to crack it on a kerb. The design of this new one is much more solid and feels like it will definitely be able to take a bit of abuse.
  11. Do you have an Insta for your Supra?

    Is that definitely your correct Insta? I'm not finding it when I search.
  12. Any old guys driving Supra’s?

    50 year-old Supra driver here 👴🏻
  13. Whifbitz Sports Cat

    I've got their Sports Cat fitted along with a bm3 stage 2 tune. bm3 lets you get rid of the CEL.
  14. MBRP 3'' Carbon and Burnt Tips Cat-Back *In-Stock* @ DSG Performance

    Do you sell the burnt tips on their own to fit the stock exhaust?
  15. UK stocked parts or importers

    Carbon fibre mirror caps Wind buffeting solution Buy these and just cut part of the bottom of each one off with scissors. Works really well, and...
  16. Official ABSOLUTE ZERO WHITE Supra Club Thread

    Chinatown Supermarket, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. The Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.
  17. Official ABSOLUTE ZERO WHITE Supra Club Thread

    Is that the Seibon wing, or something else?
  18. Who has highest mileage? / Supra miles

    I bought mine in May 2021 - an ex demo car with only 320 miles on it. It now has 16,146 on it 👀 I enjoy driving it too much! 😂 I really need to buy a cheap daily!
  19. After Market Steering Wheel

    I ordered mine bespoke from OHC Motors on Instagram. They were easy to deal with and built the wheel exactly as I specified it. Would definitely recommend them.