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  1. Formula 1 Talk

    Based on RBs pace yesterday, the season could very well be over already. They were miles away. The only close racing I can see happening is in the midfield
  2. Catless dp spacers?

    They don’t work
  3. What’s your favorite video game of all time?

    Another one for FFVII. Literally got me hooked on the whole FF series
  4. Formula 1 Talk

    I feel like there’s no way they should be denied now, they literally have all the boxes checked off. Just whether the top teams wanna keep being greedy or not. Regardless I’d agree 12 teams seem like the perfect amount, then it would give some more chances for guys to actually make it to F1
  5. SP1- The standard for MKV

    Verus eng makes one
  6. SP1- The standard for MKV

    BUt iT DoeSN’t HaVE a 5” TIp
  7. SP1- The standard for MKV

    Exhaust looks great but the fact that you have to trim your diffuser makes it a huge 👎🏻 especially for guys with aftermarket ones
  8. Whiteline lowering springs

    I like mine, a good happy medium in ride quality and just the right amount of a drop to get rid of the wheel gap
  9. Formula 1 Talk

    Ooof redbull debrief is gunna be spicy with what Max said when asked to give the spot back to checo.
  10. Formula 1 Talk

    George be like “look at me, I’m the torpedo now”
  11. Toyota "Preparing" Hotter Supra GRMN, Says Chief Engineer

    If you go by the Gr Yaris and Grmn Yaris for reference, it’s a minimum 25-30k difference. Theres no chance if a grmn Supra comes out it’ll be remotely close to 70k
  12. Formula 1 Talk

    Mercedes living rent free in your head. Dude sit down and continue watching DTS
  13. Formula 1 Talk

    The fact that the 7mill fine doesn’t come out of RBs cap next year is absolute bullshit. The fia isn’t capable of governing F1 anymore, time to cut ties
  14. Canadian Manual Transmission Allocations

    Someone in Toronto posted their burnout white A91 and the special sticker says 1of50 so if we’re going by that there will be at least 50 MT cars for Canada
  15. Formula 1 Talk

    Wonder how many *’s redbull/max can accumulate on their “2021 championship”
  16. Formula 1 Talk

    I only hope is if teams were actually over that they be punished appropriately. But it’s the FIA so odds are they’ll get a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again
  17. Gathering Interest - Single Mid-Pipe, Dual Exit Full Titanium Exhaust.

    Assume it’s the exact same as the Vivid Vr exhaust, which has been known to crack.
  18. 2020 Downshift Blue

    Am I asking too much? I figured given downshift blue is one of the rarest colours/hardly any for sale that it should get more than the common colours.
  19. 2020 Downshift Blue

    The time has come to put it for sale. Gunna try and free up some money for a potential grmn (if it even comes out) or a potential nex gen Supra. Car is lightly modded. Has approx 9xxxkms Entire car has ppf, has a small crack in windshield, Mods American Panda color matched badges Rexpeed color...
  20. 2024 Supra facelift discussion thread

    Based on the z4 lci refresh I wouldn’t expect much change in the supra