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  1. No Sensors?

    I mean, not sure what you were expecting based on a fact that you didn’t even know what model you paid money for :dunno: At least it’s now all sorted out.
  2. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Finally got new wheels out of storage and slapped them on. Bring on the good weather.
  3. Z Voted Best Sports Coupe.. LOL

    Probably something along the lines of it being a "Supra killer" and then it actually being a complete dog sh*t performance wise. :dunno: Also, someone put a straight up rectangle on the front and I can't unsee it. Someone actually sat in a conf. room and proposed it and then bunch of other...
  4. Z Voted Best Sports Coupe.. LOL

    "Epic acceleration" ... "0 to 100 km/h - 5.1 seconds" What is this trash magazine?
  5. Live Traffic Feed Not Working? Anyone else experiencing this?

    If you log into your supra connect account via desktop, does it show that your subscription to Real Time Traffic Information has expired? I havent had any issues but my account says everything is fine:
  6. Response Delays

    Good luck on lsat! Stupid test but we gotta take it. Maybe they’ll scrap it eventually.
  7. A91 spoiler replica

    Yup it is. Very puzzling decision by OEM
  8. Would recommend buying this for anyone that wants carplay

    Possible to do it if one has a Mac? Also is the price the same if I already have CarPlay but just want it to be full screen?
  9. Would recommend buying this for anyone that wants carplay

    If you chose to lock/re-lock your ecu. Sure. Not everyone got it though.
  10. How Much Money in Mods?

    I never keep track so I don’t have any kinda feelings about it. Not that much though 👀
  11. 2024 Nissan GTR unveiled

    I wonder if they built them all in one month and chilled for the rest of the year or slow rolled 1.1 cars per week.
  12. New Supra Owner Here

    Welcome! I have a red star exhaust catted DP. No issues but don't know if you cant get one nowadays. AA one probably works just as well.
  13. 2024 Supra facelift discussion thread

    3jz with flamethrowers or bust.
  14. Steering wheel raffle UPDATE- payment info now live

    The odds of winning are no longer good 😂
  15. Steering wheel raffle UPDATE- payment info now live

    2. For 10 bucks why not. :dunno:
  16. Smoking Tire: Supra 3.0 MT vs. Civic Type R

    I wouldn’t even cross-shop the two :dunno:
  17. What cars sit next to your Supra?

    Model Y Performance (for baby duty and family transportation).
  18. 2023 A91 Manual Supra CUGrey Brand new

    Why not 100k? Maybe push in the rear bumper too :dunno:
  19. Rice or nice?

    I hope it started its life as a 2.0.
  20. How to waste a scammers time

    good job! fuck that guy