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  1. A91-MT CLUTCH GONE💀☠️😵🏴‍☠️🪦

    Interesting that it only happened to ones in Canada. I wonder if that was the fault of a distribution center and not Toyota or factory personnel directly. Similar things happen to certain Toyota models sold in the states to the South East Toyota region and Gulf States Toyota region, as those two...
  2. A91-MT Top speed is limited

    Cold, ambient air was likely 30 to 35. My tires probably werent fully warmed up yet, but the rest of the car was at operating temperature. I was on a long and lonely stretch of flat asphalt, it was level ground. I started pushing it at 100mph and honestly did take too long to top out from...
  3. A91-MT Top speed is limited

    I've done limited searching for the top speed on the MkV MT and found no one posting about it, only that the AT is limited to 155 MPH. Today I have found in 6th gear at WOT a soft limiter kicks in at 6000 RPM, while my A91 was indicating 163 MPH. I have no video, picture or third party equipment...
  4. A91-MT CLUTCH GONE💀☠️😵🏴‍☠️🪦

    Where have you seen this? I cant find anything about any recall for 2023 Supra, let alone one specifically about incorrect wheel locks being installed.
  5. A91-MT On chassis Dyno - 340 WHP

    Oh man, I've never driven on a drag strip or properly launched a car. I mean I've given my FJ a full send-it several times, but I don't think that would work on this car. I' m not sure relying on my 1/4 mile times will do this car justice.
  6. A91MT Owners

    Mine are in my handle, but here they are in the thread 54457 CU_Later. Also a bunch listed online so someone could pull those numbers. Perhaps adding build date might help figure some stuff out. Mine is 07/08/2022.
  7. A91-MT On chassis Dyno - 340 WHP

    The dyno didnt seem to have an input for gear ratio, but I did ask the operator if it matters and he said very very little. I might be able to arrange to go back with a stock Auto Supra, but that might not happen until next year. If no one posts about it or brings it up until its possible for me...
  8. A91-MT On chassis Dyno - 340 WHP

    We we accidently did not get the vehicle into Dyno mode properly, did not press the button the last time to confirm, and yeah that pissed it right off. The car refused to rev over 3500 RPM even after getting it into Dyno mode properly, so I had to drive it back to the shop to clear all the...
  9. A91-MT On chassis Dyno - 340 WHP

    That was fun math, thank you for that. Unfortunately my butt dyno is calibrated to an 07 FJ Cruiser and a stock, N/A, very sketchy 1987 MR2, so my butt dyno says the Supra is fast. 415 is a bit higher then I was expecting, but would be nice if that's the real number. Honestly I'm quite alright...
  10. A91-MT On chassis Dyno - 340 WHP

    Ah, I didnt look before I posted. Well its nice to see some numbers being close. Have you seen anyone else post Dyno numbers yet?
  11. A91-MT On chassis Dyno - 340 WHP

    Dunno, I told the guy tat 5th is the 1 to 1, but he told me he usually does BMWs in 4th. Honestly not much difference between 5th and 4th
  12. Everything wrong with my car

    Ok, first off for potential warranty coverage we need to know Date of first Use and Mileage, and VIN would never hurt. Issue one - Get that checked out. A whining sound while braking and stationary could be a brake booster, booster line, or vacuum pump. The Vacuum pumps on our cars are also...
  13. A91-MT On chassis Dyno - 340 WHP

    Today I took my A91 to get Dyno tested, just to see what we are at, no plans on tuning it as of yet. First run the tires spun slightly, second run was the best and it produced 340 HP on a standard adjustment and 339 HP on SAE Adjustment. I'm unsure of what the adjustments where but it clearly...
  14. Errorcode! New help!

    What year and engine? Are there any warning lights on the dash? Also whats up with that VIN?Shouldnt all Supras start with a W?
  15. 2023 m/t allocation in the US..which/when/where

    Drivers side -0.50 knuckles - 43212-WAA02 (BMW# 6 877 201) Passenger side -0.50 knuckles - 43211-WAA02 (BMW# 6 877 202)
  16. Can anyone verify status of qc hold??

    QC hold status never changes any other day, it also only changes after 12:00 on Friday. Do'nt bother calling until the afternoon.
  17. 2023 m/t allocation in the US..which/when/where

    Officially Toyota offers replacement knuckles to change front camber angle. You can go standard, +0.50° or -0.50° on either side. If you'd like I can provide Toyota or BMW part numbers. Typically with a strut type design you can loosen the bolts that hold the knuckle to the strut then shove the...
  18. 2023 m/t allocation in the US..which/when/where

    I got my A91-MT last week. I tired to get Burnout, but my dealer got a CU Later and the only two dealers that had a Burnout allocated wouldn't trade, even before the cars were made. Ah well. I ended up liking the CU Later much more then I expected. Unfortunately my car came in with a pretty big...