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  1. WTS: Apple M-1 Macbook Air

    Hi all, As the title suggest I have a brand new, still sealed in original plastic, 13 MBA for sale. Selling it for 1,000 + shipping (or pick up locally for free if you wish). Cash, PayPal or Venmo. If you provide a UPS shipping label I can likely ship the same day. Pics and specs below:
  2. Cars and Coffee - Union Station

    Figured I'd post it here and just update the thread with the dates as they come up. If anyone if up for it - this one will be on the 16th @ Union Station. Last time it was @nibble, me and another dude who wasn't on the forum (didn't get a chance to talk to him). More Supras = More better? :dunno:
  3. Gonna buff out?

    So, looks like someone clipped the Supra with possibly a shopping cart.. any good way(s) to fix exterior plastic damage?? Top layer was definitely taken off/damaged.
  4. Visconti Tuning - Review

    People do these for parts so I figured I would do a quick review of my experience with getting Ecutek stage 1 flash tune from one of our sponsors – Visconti tuning. TL;DR - Smooth experience, car runs great/smooth – you can definitely tell the difference. Would not hesitate to do business with...
  5. Cars and Coffee (NJ/NYC)?

    Is there anything like this around the NYC/NJ border/area? I know of ones in Boston and DC/VA but never seen anything like this around here. We definitely have a lot of decent cars around here so someone could pull it off - maybe I'm just not in the know.
  6. Frameless windows Freezing.

    Has anyone ran into this issue? It’s about 25 out. Decided to take the car for a drive down to the store. Opened the door fine but when I sat down and tried to close the door - it wouldn’t. I noticed the the window wouldn’t “dip” and the car kept reading that the door wasn’t closed. I tried...