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    Won't work, the key fobs are hard coded to your BDC from the factory. There's no way around it besides ordering a replacement set through the dealer.
  2. Supra property tax outta control.

  3. WTS: MHD black adapter

    MHD WiFi adapter for F/G series (and Supra), really quick compared to Bluetooth based dongles. Used, in excellent working condition. $49 shipped
  4. WTS: OEM 3.0 brake pads F/R (used)

    CA, willing to ship
  5. WTS: OEM 3.0 brake pads F/R (used)

    These were on my daily driven car for 11k miles. Don't really have an asking price in mind, so open to all offers.
  6. Clutch Slipping on stock A91 MT...

    On God bro?
  7. Tuner ignoring you after base tune?

  8. Battery replacement programming

    Mine did not come with a bracket either.
  9. WTS: Carbon steering column cover

  10. Post 6/2020 ECU unlocked in US

    She seems a little unhinged though to be honest, but that's besides the point haha
  11. Unknown Drivetrain Noise??

    I guess the question is, what was being installed?
  12. ECU reset?

    There is a power distribution module next to where the ECU is inserted. From what I know there are some non-serviceable fuses inside of the module. It looks like this:
  13. Removing airbag

    It's definitely a bit tricky, if you get one side out first the other is significantly more difficult. The best way I can describe it is to try and keep the airbag as level as possible while getting the last side out. It just takes a lot of persistence
  14. ECU reset?

    I'm just gonna ask again what others have suggested: are you sure the ECU connectors are 100% connected and secure? Tug on each connector on the harness side and make sure nothing comes loose.
  15. Salvage & Wrecked Supra Registry

    EV Supra confirmed!
  16. Unofficial Bimmercode User Guide

    I noticed that StacyOz's account was deleted, along with all their posts. They created a useful guide on using Bimmercode with the Supra. I'm reposting it so others may continue to reference it. Hopefully they don't mind that I do so. Virus scanned.
  17. So I installed android auto & apple car play on my 2.0 ltr 2021 supra

    By the way, a tip for anyone who's installed a MMI box and use it through the AUX input. AUX has its own volume slider separate from your main volume setting. If you tap AUX in the iDrive menu you'll see an icon on the left which lets you adjust the AUX volume. I was running on minimum volume...
  18. The official ask zrk anything thread

    I've seen you recommend PirateShip a lot, is their commercial rate supposed to be any different than other online shipping label vendors (e.g. PayPal/Shipstation)?
  19. Am I an a$$hole?

    Someone's getting lucky on Valentine's.