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  1. bootmod3: Direct ENET cable support for iOS/Android (BETA)

    Pleasure to announce public beta of the iOS app update with support for a direct ENET connection. Closed beta has gone really great so far and for anyone else that’d like to try this version of the app with an ENET cable directly to the phone we’re making it available via a publicly accessible...
  2. bootmod3 vs. flash tool x,y,z

    Hey guys, map switching and other custom code features are in the works. We've been working on it for some time now actually, here's a post for some of the early tests on an S55 for map switching 2 months ago: A lot has changed since then. We're about to release a major new update to the app...
  3. Bootmod 3 users
  4. bootmod3: Direct ENET cable support for iOS/Android (BETA)

    Hey guys, Wanted to share a quick announcement on the upcoming app/system update. Public beta of the new app with the embedded OBD Agent starting soon. This version of the app will allow for a direct cable connection of the ENET cable to your iOS device (iPhone, iPad). We’re just waiting on...
  5. bootmod3 New Live Dash Features Preview

    bootmod3 release 0.10.101 is now available. Changes include: - Two new configurable dash layouts including Live Charting - Auto-logging with custom configuration parameters - Auto-display chart after capturing a datalog, configurable - Redesigned Datalog configuration screen - OBD Agent...
  6. bootmod3 vs. flash tool x,y,z

    Thank you! :bow:
  7. bootmod3 vs. flash tool x,y,z

    There seems to be some information posted on this board by those vested in other tools in regard to bm3 that is either partially covered, missed, misunderstood and thus miscommunicated. We'll chime in just to clarify those points without referring to any competing products for courtesy reasons...
  8. bootmod3 New Live Dash Features Preview

    Hey guys, wanted to show you a preview of some new bootmod3 live dash features coming in version 0.10.101 including: - Two entirely dash layouts: Bar Graphs and Live Charts - Auto-datalogging: Starts logs based on configurable pedal input and cut off after lifting off in seconds - Auto-display...
  9. Running Full E85 on a E30 BM3 Tune

    Running full E85 is not advisable on the E30 map as your fuel system may have a difficulty keeping up given the fuel volume demands on this high output tune. There are a number of sensors that have mobile apps connecting over bluetooth that give you the current ethanol % which are convenient...
  10. bootmod3: v0.10.100 system update is now available!

    Hey everyone, Wanted to share an update on our recent update. Release 0.10.100 is now out and the changes include: New Logging Support: Expanded datalogging abilities through RAM channels on MG1 and MG1 Aurix DME cars (e.g. all variants of the B58 engine including the A90 Supra, S58 in the X3M...
  11. XHP transmission flash?

    Work in progress still on that one. In the meantime if interested you can always mail the DME to us. Takes 2secs to pull from the car and we do DHL Express next day shipping.
  12. Bm3 ots tune causing drivetrain malfunction

    If you removed OPF then yep, you'll need to go into the map configuration screen and select OFF under the OPF selection and reflash. That will sort that issue. See screenshot attached.
  13. XHP transmission flash?

    We haven't seen a real need to change EGS (transmission) programming yet on the Supra. 7 of the top 10 quickest and fastest A90 Supras today, including the fastest 9sec car, are running custom bootmod3 tunes and pushing very hard with stock transmission programming still. Just our 2c :thumbsup:
  14. Bm3 ots tune causing drivetrain malfunction

    Hey Justin, this isn't the same issue some users on mhd are reporting. Its something else and support is looking into it. @J_Orr we've received your ticket, responded with code descriptions. Tuners are reviewing and will be in touch soon. All the best.
  15. bootmod3 0.10.093 Release - Now Available!

    bootmod3 system update 0.10.093 is out along with the new OBD Agent. Changes include: Additional vehicle support Ability to datalog secondary DME on dual DME cars (e.g. S63tu, N63tu) Changes to datalogging configuration screen splitting Default and Other channels along with an Advanced tab for...
  16. bootmod3 0.10.084 Release - Now Available!

    bootmod3 0.10.084 release is now out! Updates include the following: - New vehicle support - (Map Config) Bosch 4bar TMAP sensor support on all MEVD DME cars (N20, N55, S55, S63tu, N63tu). - (Map Config) Dorch Engineering HPFP support for 1st gen B58 (B58-F and B58-G, non-T0) - X3M "Stage 1"...
  17. Bootmod 3 users

    PM-ed you for your ticket number.
  18. AFE Downpipe Tune with Bootmod3

  19. GoLabWorx

    Kevin (golabworx) is a great tuner and is also one of the bootmod3 tuners who can help anyone with bm3 custom tuning requests from inside the bootmod3 ecosystem.
  20. About to purchase bootmod3, but I have one question.

    Charger is not a bad idea especially on a car that hasn't been daily driven in a long while. However, flashes are so quick, takes only about 3mins to do the initial install that includes OBD unlocking of the DME for tuning. All subsequent flashes are map switches that take about 15 seconds start...