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  1. 2021 Stage 1 Tuning on MHD or BM3

  2. share your car times 1/4 , 0-60 etc

    hey, i have noticed that there are no threads that members can put their car times, it would be awesome to see different modded supras and what is capable of so if you would like to share your 1/4 mile or 0 to 60 or even 60-130mph pull that with be epic!
  3. Nitrous Setups- Post them up!

    did anyone try a nitrous setup with just normal stage 2 tune ?
  4. Catted vs Catless... My story with Data to share

    I had bad thoughts on the catted downpipe I have always thought it somehow doesn't make the same power as the catless I mean especially in the supra , good to hear that you joined the catless club lol and thx for sharing the knowledge among others keep it up.
  5. Burble gone!!

    same here!
  6. WMI KIT !!

    hey, now am running just stage 2 bootmod3 with DP the power is really good but wondering if I went with the methanol kit plus a custom tune how much WHP I can make approx! and do you think it will make a noticeable power difference? any ideas on how long the methanol will last .... for...
  7. Vibrations/Rattles in 2020 Premium Supra

    I have a similar issue when at idle and the car is stopped I can hear a little whine sound coming from the front but when you drive it you don't hear it is that the same issue that you have?
  8. tunes differences and performance

    hello, am now running stage 2 ots pump gas map, and wondering the performance difference between custom map and also it's e30 map can anyone tell about his thoughts or experiences power and performance-wise thank you
  9. Vibrations/Rattles in 2020 Premium Supra

    same here since day one I have this and I have noticed it only comes when in idle for like a minute or so, and also I have noticed that whenever I turn on the A/C it disappear completely, it drives normal now 2500 miles so is it normal with the supras ? p.s is the hot weather also a reason I...
  10. Starting to tune the 2021 Supra

    So , can we say that a tuned 2021 supra vs 2020 supra both tuned makes approximate the same power?
  11. supra 2020 stage 2 vs other sports cars?

    am running normal 91 pump gas so far it feels smooth but indeed want to go with a custom tune and work from there
  12. supra 2020 stage 2 vs other sports cars?

    with bootmod3 I think I will go with a custom map and that will help to improve the numbers, also wondering have you street race with your stage 2 bootmod3 with any cars? lol just wondering , also I'm now on stage 2 ots map and so far the power is pretty good for an ots I have been able to...
  13. Tuned Reliability?

    what do you mean by a sound tune
  14. Tuned Reliability?

    so in your opinion 430whp to 450whp is safe?
  15. supra 2020 stage 2 vs other sports cars?

    hey, I am just wondering what will be the differences between stock supra vs stage 2 OTS map, not custom cuz I know the custom tunes is much faster. so what cars that the stage 2 supra can keep up or even defeat? lol just curious about the street performance with stage 2
  16. Bootmod 3 users

    can i run stage 2 (AGG) with my catless downpipe and drop-in filters? or does it really needs something else? i mean how safe to run it with the catless downpipe
  17. What map are you using? (JB4)

    I will be running 91oct with downpipe should I use map2 ? and how much power it will make
  18. Anyone local to check if my ecu is locked?

    thank you, so the only way is to bench unlock them hence do you think any good local BMW tuner can bench unlock it for me? I mean does it need some special equipment lol + if I couldn't bench it do you recommend going with jb4? cuz I'm currently running a CATLESS DOWNPIPE and having a cel...
  19. What map are you using? (JB4)

    does jb4 works with the locked ecu ? and is it a good replacement for bootmod3 etc I mean If i can't bench unlock my car does jb4 do the job ?
  20. Anyone local to check if my ecu is locked?

    what to do? is bench unlock can be done with tuners locally ? or do waiting bootmod3 or mhd etc to unlock it do u think they will soon?