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  1. Pure800 93oct OR E50 Tune

    Because the gain of E85 over E40-60 is very minimal. And the cost is significant. If you go port injection due to using a simple controller it is not a convenient method to be able to run flex fuel. The system wil cost you $1500-2000 and pick up 20-50ftlb of torque, 0-20HP. (Mostly only helping...
  2. Arizona Supra Club

    Well it was short notice so we were just barely short for a class. But I will be at IFO, and will be bringing a few local A90's with me. I'll also be at Friday's test &tune at tuscon drag way and the no fly event to dial in cars before Sunday!
  3. Arizona Supra Club

    Are there any AZ folks who are considering racing at IFO next weekend? If we can get a few more folks to join in they may let us have a small A90 shootout group.
  4. Pure800 93oct OR E50 Tune

    Elevation if anything gives you more fuel system since the turbo runs out of air faster than at a higher air presure. The Pure 700 has enough air flow to max out the oem fuel system on pump fuel alone. But some people do tune them with E25-30 just to get a bit more octane and run very low boost...
  5. Doing my research

    When you dyno on an OEM grade measurement tool the cars produce the power advertised. Dynojets do not produce anywhere near accurate power levels. And due to this many people recalibrate their dyno to read as high as a dynojet. Thus giving the false sense of power. The ECU reports a fairly...
  6. A91 & Recent 2021 Impossible to Tune / ECU manufactured after 2020/6 is locked?

    ecutek has no issues unlocking 120 cal. I unlock these all the time. This is not an ecutek specific issue there are zero unlock tools that work with the new physical harswere regardless of the software version.
  7. Doing my research

    I have said it since the start. The 2021 uses the same turbo and the same fuel pump. The 2021 has lower compession which lowers efficency on ethanol. The 2021 on a stock turbo with ethanol may in fact make less power. I have tuned a few and haven't noticed anything special on the 2021. If...
  8. Pure800 93oct OR E50 Tune

    Remember... not all dynos read the same. Just because you made 447HP does not mean that it would make 447 on a dyno that made 500. The stock turbo maxes out on pump gas. The ethanol allows for more aggressive timing which is worth 50-100HP. As well as the ethanol tunes dont get as much shift...
  9. Pure800 93oct OR E50 Tune

    Yes i do map switcing on ecutek all the time. There is even flex fuel so if you have to blend up or down the car will auto adjust the tune even.
  10. Pure800 93oct OR E50 Tune

    The stock turbo will start heat soaking quite a bit after 100MPH. You can do pretty decent with a quality drag map on E50 + DP. I can get people to run 10's with just a downpipe, ethanol, and tires. However if you are roll racing you will make more power at every rpm with the pure 800. But the...
  11. Wouldnt Rev after starting

    Yeah thats not normal... I would have to see a log to see if any states were flagging. But it might actually be a damaged ECU/DME. Or a bad programmed ECU.
  12. Wouldnt Rev after starting

    There is an issue that may be a bug in the factory calibration where sometimes the car will rev and hang. And then it doesnt like to rev for a period of time unless you restart the car. I cannot see the video due to forum being in limited functionality today. I would also need to honestly log...
  13. BM3 vs Ecutek

    A very slight difference. I made a post under this or the main MarinTuned account showing HKS drop in on a car pushing 95-100% WGDC showing a slight airflow increase. The lower pressure drop helps a bit. An aftermarket intake can increase filtration media size which gives better filtration than...
  14. Injen Power Package

    Also its just an intake tube... There isnt even a MAF sensor in this car. There is a simple pressure sensor in the intake tract. The only time i have seen a check engine on this platform is on the first gen B58 there are some intakes that the connection to the PCV system doesnt seal and causes...
  15. Injen Power Package

    Ill say it one more time... I highly doubt you will get ANY power on a factory tune on this intake. I have yet to see any intake make a car faster than the other and a number of records are set on stock airboxes. These are mostly for noise. These cars use a torque based ecu and the car knows how...
  16. A91 & Recent 2021 Impossible to Tune / ECU manufactured after 2020/6 is locked?

    Its confusing. And the marketing teams dont always work with tuners and arent in the know of all terminology. It happens all of the time. It didn't help that toyota at one point referenced 2021 as A91's...
  17. A91 & Recent 2021 Impossible to Tune / ECU manufactured after 2020/6 is locked?

    It likely has little to do with Toyota and more to do with Bosch trying to protect their intellectual property and fixing a security flaw that has existed for a year. Bosch is fairly active in trying to secure their computer technology.
  18. Turbo broke. Should I go Pure 800?

    Personally I dont like pushing them past 550-600HP on meth. Once ou push further than that the front cylinders run too lean and ive personally killed plugs before. Meth is not a substitute for port injection. You really need fueling for each individual cylinder. Mind you I have pushed deep into...
  19. Tuning Between Manufactures

    I will be in both socal and the bay area in a few weeks. =)