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  1. Virginia Toyota Dealership For Service

    I have nothing but high praise for Sheehy Toyota of Fredericksburg. Both the service manager (Bill) and one of the service writers (Tarron) have Supras and are very careful with the car (being owners themselves). I would not bother going to Passport Toyota since they don't really care to work...
  2. To Tune out obnoxious Burble/gunshots..

    RACEROM allows you (from your tuner) to adjust the burbles and pops on the fly. Visconti Tuning has that as an option.
  3. Boost Logic Exhaust Fitment Problems.

    Do you have the part numbers for both kits? I got the Seibon rear diffuser and I think I need the rear sensor mount kit.
  4. Boost Logic Exhaust Fitment Problems.

    About $300 plus shipping or local pickup from a dealer.
  5. Boost Logic Exhaust Fitment Problems.

    No template but measure 100 times, drill once. Then bore out the hole as needed.
  6. Boost Logic Exhaust Fitment Problems.

    The OEM procedure is to drill the two holes for it now.
  7. Mishimoto's Catch Can R&D Thread

    Doesn't the Pure800 turbo upgrade remove some evap part from the OEM turbo? That may cause the issue.
  8. Rear Brake Pads - Ceramic

    OEM Brembo pads are always super dusty,
  9. Official NC Owners Thread

    Time to change your avatar. :)
  10. Looking for good shop in / near Raleigh

    Second Garage Therapy. Jordan knows his stuff and owns a 2021 A91 himself.
  11. Supporting Mods for 480-500whp
  12. FS: Advan GT Premium in Titanium Blue - 19inch

    Seems common enough. My 57CRs are 19x9.5 et25 and 19x10.5 et35 with a 72.2mm bore (common for Japanese wheels).
  13. Mag Blue TE37 Saga Spec 1 of 2

    Got a price? They look soooo good.
  14. Exhaust w/o Dp

    I’ve passed without any issues here in Northern Virginia with a catted downpipe on all my cars to date. California is obviously a no go on anything emissions related.
  15. Exhaust w/o Dp

    Just get a catted downpipe if you're worry about emissions. I have that and I don't feel like I need an exhaust for more noise.
  16. Wtb right lower control arm

    Either upgrade to SPL parts or get someone who has upgraded their parts to SPL to sell you theirs.
  17. iOS 14 Upgrade - No internet connection

    I get the same thing but I am able to stream music and get Waze to work just fine over cellular data. It comes down to the wireless connection to the car itself doesn't offer internet access (which is normal).
  18. Best catted downpipe ??

    If they don't do visual or a sniffer test, then as long as it doesn't throw a CEL, you should be fine. Northern Virginia has emissions based on OBDII. Anything older than 25 years they don't bother.