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  1. Should we wait for the Manual Transmission Supra? Update: Tada-san says no to MT?

    In an Autoblog interview up today, the chief engineer indicated that " There will be no manual transmission, despite an outcry in parts of the enthusiast community over the lack of a row-it-yourself shifter. His advice: 'Customers who want a manual should choose the Toyota 86.'" So MT fans have...
  2. This is the 2020 mid-engine Chevy Corvette

    If you aren't planning to track the car the Z51 package is a pretty easy pass as it adds elements that will really only make a difference on the track. You still get a mechanical LSD without it (just not an electronically controlled one). Unfortunately you do lose out on the option of getting...
  3. This is the 2020 mid-engine Chevy Corvette

    About the only hope for Toyota now if they don't want to see a "DOA" toe tag on their Supra at the local morgue is to rush out a version with a MT. That way they can pick off the "manual only" buyers the Corvette won't attract.
  4. Supra center of gravity

    That's certainly one way to lower your new Supra's COG and give the car a nice drop.....
  5. A90 Supra designed to be slower than LFA in 0 to 60

    BMW's M division certainly didn't want their latest and greatest motor variant showing up up in a cheaper, non-BMW car. It's the same reason BMW withheld the newer DIgital Cockpit spit-screen display, iController, and torque-vectoring M Sport diff from Toyota. From Urlich's comparative review of...
  6. 2020 Supra (A90) Reviews Compilation!

    Lawrence Ulrich, former car reviewer for the New York Times (oh how the mighty have fallen), has a comparative review of the Supra and Z4 up on Autoblog. He thinks the Supra missed the mark in a few areas compared to the Z4...
  7. 2020 Supra (A90) Reviews Compilation!

    Jalopnik has posted a review:
  8. Canada - Pricing, Availability Details & Orders

    Bob Lutz, ex-GM head honcho and still in the loop, recently stated in R&T that he expects it to be about $5k USD above current pricing. Time will tell, but I can't see Corvette giving up their main market advantage - an exceptional cost to performance ratio.
  9. Canada - Pricing, Availability Details & Orders

    I'd bet the mid-engined C8 base model comes in within $5k of the launch Supra. Good luck to Toyota, competing with that.
  10. Comments & Reactions from the Web about the new Supra

    There may be sound engineering reasons for it, but that doesn't make the new Supra's massive front overhang any more attractive. BMW does minimal front overhangs well, it's one of the most pleasing features of the 2 series body shape for example.
  11. Canada - Pricing, Availability Details & Orders

    That's " when it launches ", so that to me means the Launch Edition, without any of the option packages available for it. Other Canadian trims will be coming later if it follows the US rollout timetable.
  12. Canada - Pricing, Availability Details & Orders

    [Edit - ninja'd, this was posted earlier today on the general forum but moved by mods. Left for price comparisons.] Motor Illustrated has confirmed with a Toyota rep that the launch price in Canada for the Supra will be $64,990. 300 units will be available, and pre-orders are now open. It's not...
  13. The 2020 Supra Can Run a 7:40 Nurburgring Lap, Thinks Tetsuya Tada

    That's easy. Mercedes Is Always The Answer.
  14. Undisguised 2020 Toyota Supra Sighting in the Wild!

    A burple. Wonderful. Hopefully it's just the colour balance in this photo....
  15. 2020 Toyota GR Supra Photoshop Thread (based on production car)

    ^^ Wow. Think I have just discovered my favourite colour for this baby.
  16. Is a manual transmission in the cards for the new Supra?

    Ontario also recently dropped its emissions testing. But that doesn't necessarily mean that it's legal to take a new car and go catless with it - if the cops pull you over for say a noisy exhaust or missing front plate you could be looking at a hefty fine once they discover what you've done.
  17. Anyone find anything on the HUD? Any videos?

    ^ Thanks. IIRC there are a few manufacturers still using plastic pop-up or permanent HUD displays that have no depth of field at all, such as Mazda's on the 3.
  18. Anyone find anything on the HUD? Any videos?

    Where is the focus plane for this HUD? With the Camaro and the Corvette the HUD appears to hover just in front of the car, which is weird at first but it means your eyes don't have to change their focus to see it while driving.
  19. Game: Post your personal pros/cons on the MKV Supra

    Pros: Compact form factor. Makes the car more agile, improves outwards visibility over competitors, lowers weight. Sophisticated, state of the art chassis and suspension. Early reports point to this being a great-handling package, neutral in corners and throttle-adjustable, and capable of dual...
  20. The A70TTR Dedication Thread!

    Too bad the aftermarket can't do anything about the slushbox. If Toyota has decided to bring out a manual version (and given the lead times needed they probably have the plans for the next 2 model years locked in by now), they might be well advised to let that be known sooner rather than later...