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  1. 2019 Toyota Supra - First Prototype Spotted! Photos & Video Inside

    I really wish there wasn't so much BMW involvement in all of this. BMW has lots its way in terms of creating fun to drive performance cars. Now seeing it entering the M test center makes me think the beating heart will be a BMW sourced engine.
  2. Visual Comparison: Supra MKV prototype vs FT-1 Concept

    I'm glad they took in the length of the FT1. It makes for less "presence" but hopefully helps it get close to the 3000 pound mark which would be incredible.
  3. New Toyota Supra rumored to get Toyota twin turbo V6 engine

    That reasoning makes a lot of sense. And I hope you're right! For me, the Supra just wouldn't quite be a Supra if it's got another company's engine under the hood. And I like how all these reports are making it seem like the Z5 will be more a lifestyle car while the Supra will be the true...
  4. New Toyota Supra rumored to get Toyota twin turbo V6 engine

    I could definitely see both your pricing/segment and drivetrain predictions being close if not spot on. Using an electric motor for filling the dead spot before a turbo spools up would be great, taking a page straight out of the Mclaren P1 blueprint. I also hope they keep the electric motors off...
  5. 2020 Toyota Supra production to begin 2018, by Magna Steyr, Austrian manufacturer

    About time we got some actual production news! This news makes this years concept update reveal even more exciting then. Surprised both companies are outsourcing the build though. They each have huge manufacturing abilities and should have the capacity to absorb that amount of units.
  6. How will the 86 and Supra MKV affect each other?

    So I read earlier this week about Toyota finally axing the Scion brand and rebadging the FR-S as a Toyota, giving Toyota its first sports car in a long time. Got me thinking if this has some possible negative effect on the Supra MKV coming to market? Before this news, the new Supra woulda been...
  7. 3rd gen G29 BMW Z4 (2019-202X)

    I know it's not apples to apples comparison but the FT-1 blows the Z5 away, no matter what is hiding under the camo. One has flowing shapes everywhere and the other (Z5) is just a wedge. I find German styling so bland compared to Japanese design.
  8. Will new Supra have to compete with next Nissan 370Z (300Z?)

    But at what cost. It's still very expensive to drop major weight in cars since the only way to do it is using a lot of carbon fiber construction, which is still expensive to do for most manufacturers.
  9. Toyota confirms Supra revival concept for 2016 reveal

    It is sad everything is going hybrid. I like the Porsche 911 size rumor which I believe was mentioned way back. Not happy about the powertrain and agree I really hope there is at least a non hybrid option. I don't understand why a halo sports car needs to be fuel efficient.
  10. Will FT-1 concept follow the FT-86 timeline?

    At this point who knows if we will ever see it. I honestly dont know why some car companies choose this long drawn out lead time. The FT-1 has been old news for a while and now long forgotten by most people. Why not build on the rave reception it received and go straight into an official...
  11. Production-Spec Acura NSX to Debut at the Detroit Motor Show in January

    Might look more modern (that's subjective) than new R8 but doesn't sound like it. Turbo 6 sound coming out of it doesn't come close to the NA V10 sound coming from the R8.
  12. What will the FT-1 be called? Supra trademark revived by Toyota!

    Hope we see a teaser or two in the meantime for any Toyota concepts they're gonna debut. Show is still 2 months away...
  13. BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage Concept

    I like the throwback vertical grilles but it only looks right on classic BMWs and not on something so modern. Bummer then that BMW won't be showing whatever their version of the supra is.
  14. The Rumor Thread - 2017 debut of the Supra and more details

    It seems whenever news is slow some random site will rekindle the rumor mill with some whispers/guesses/outright lies. One of the details I hope is true is that its about the size of a 911 but I won't hold my breath...
  15. Mid-engined Honda sports car (mini NSX) to take on Supra?

    Wtf they already have patent sketches?? Where are we with the Supra?? Well let me say that if it looks like the sketch it will be pretty awesome and definitely have me considering it against the next Supra (if it ever comes).
  16. Graphite Toyota FT-1 Second Concept Coming to Pebble Beach (Updated to Include Various Auto Shows)

    Yea for the wealthy :D What Toyota needs to do is bring an even closer-to-production concept to this year's Tokyo autos how. That's only in 5 months!
  17. Performances Predictions for fun

    Let me preface my post by saying I don't like the thought of a BMW engine in a Supra at all, even if it's the motor from the new M3/M4. But lets just say that it happens, the mid-range acceleration (i.e. 30-90mph) in those cars is ridiculously fast. Electronically limited to 155 mph though.
  18. Crickets... give us some news Toyota!

    This is how you kill buzz and excitement for a car. Don't follow in the NSX's shoes Toyota. It's time to show a preview of whats being worked on.
  19. New rumors from C&D: 2020 Supra to get BMW inline six engine / B58 & S58 chat

    But they could just ship the M engines over to a US plant, or maybe assemble them right here for the Supra. Anyways, such a weird statement to even type and even weirder to think about.
  20. Will the 2017 Supra use carbon fiber?

    Here's a BMW video on the i3's external shell. Found here: