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  1. Carplay has disappeared

    My carplay disappeared at around 3:34PM PST as well. I think it is related to BMW servers. Last year there was a big BMW carplay outage if you search the news.
  2. Brake fluid liters?

    I used 1.5L brake fluid when I replaced mine in the shop.
  3. Clicking/Ticking noise coming from driver side.

    I have same issue. I suspect it was the bad bearing but after digging into this. I found similar complains on m3post: Apparently the noise coming from the 2-piece rotor. Not sure if Toyota is willing to replace the rotor under...
  4. Black MKV from Qatar Track/Street

    I experienced the same thing on track. It is quite annoying and I don't have a good solution when I found it. I am surprised this issue was not discovered and solved during development phase since it was heavily tested on track.
  5. Spongy brake pedal on Track

    I see, thanks for sharing your experience. Did you short your brake pad sensors, I found them very annoying if I need to change the pads often for track days. I am wondering if there is any bypass device for that I can use on this car.
  6. Brake bleeding requires dealer?!

    From what I see in the repair manual, you can bleed the fluid without special computer. But for newer BMWs (including this supra), it would require special computer to plug into the ODB to trigger the ABS pump to cycle the fluid from ABS unit out. I did that at a shop which primarily service...
  7. Spongy brake pedal on Track

    I brought my Supra to Laguna Seca racetrack last weekend. The car felt great on track without any engine cooling issues but I experience some issues with the brake. I already heard the OEM brake pads do not work great on track driving so I changed to RBF660 fluid with CSG Spec CP pads on both...