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  1. Oil maintenance reset light “Impossible”

    BimmerLink released an iOS update today with service reset capability. I haven’t hit break in/changed my oil yet, but hopefully someone can give it a try and post back.
  2. 2022 GR Supra?

    BMW is moving to the ZF8 speed for the G20-based M3/M4. Anything is possible but I’d be surprised if they introduce a DCT for the Supra.
  3. Do you guys drive your Supra in winter with summer tires?

    MPSS (and in general, max performance summer tires) should not be used under 40-45F. The compound simply isn’t designed for colder weather. Although not identical as there are many variations made by Michelin for OEMs, there was a bulletin for the Super Sport ZP on Corvettes due to the tread...
  4. Why is picking an oil so difficult with this car.

    There are very few oils with the C5 and LL17FE+ specs. Toyota GR, BMW TPT, Liqui Moly TopTec 6600, and Motul 8100 have the appropriate certs. I haven’t found any others yet. I personally ordered a bunch of BMW TPT from FCP Euro.
  5. Jacking / Lifting Points

    @puzzled Found your post while searching for information about the Rennstands. Are you able to use them without having to first put your car on ramps? Doing a quick measurement there’s only about 5 inches of clearance on the side skirt, and my floor jack requires 3 1/2 inches. Not much room to...
  6. Oil maintenance reset light “Impossible”

    Quick update: I emailed the developers for BimmerLink (they also make BimmerCode) and they plan to add Service Reset capability to the iOS application within the next few weeks. No exact date but that sounds promising. I think it’s already available for the Android version as it’s advertised...
  7. Oil maintenance reset light “Impossible”

    Yeah, sorry I should’ve specified that I was referring to reset via the Combination Meter (trip button). Dealers with ISTA can reset it regardless of the mileage or time. I also emailed Autel and Launch, which are two of the largest aftermarket diagnostic tool makers. They don’t have the Supra...
  8. Oil maintenance reset light “Impossible”

    I’m wondering if the minimum mileage to allow for reset is >1000. One of the Supra oil change videos on YouTube shows the odometer with right under 2000 miles. I’ll check once I roll over 1000 and update.
  9. Engine oil service

    I did some Googling and found information that older BMWs with CBS require a minimum 20% of the total service mileage to have passed before allowing reset via the combination meter (trip button), although I’m not sure that’s true for the Supra/modern CBS. I’m surprised the time passing doesn’t...
  10. Engine oil service

    @liarskorner Were you able to reset the oil service light? I was planning on changing mine at 1200 miles after the break in period, but it is not due until July and is showing the “oil change impossible” message. Just want to see if it did work for you as soon as you hit the 12 month mark.
  11. Glovebox light

    No light in mine when I checked last night.
  12. iDrive Died/Turned Off While Driving

    was Interesting. I don’t have CarPlay enabled. Used it briefly when I first got the car and although it seems clever, I disabled it to help minimize distractions. Coming from an S2000 the Supra has way too much “stuff” going on inside as it is 😄. I was listening to XM when iDrive shut off...
  13. iDrive Died/Turned Off While Driving

    Thanks! “Glad” it’s not just me. It sure did take a while to reboot on its own, but I did some googling and supposedly iDrive can be rebooted by holding down the power button for ~30 seconds. I’ll give that a try if it happens again. I should have mentioned I have a 2021 3.0, build date in...
  14. iDrive Died/Turned Off While Driving

    Has anyone's iDrive randomly turned off while cruising down the road? I took the Supra out for a drive today due to the amazing (for VA in January) weather and about 45 minutes in, the iDrive screen suddenly shuts off along with the radio and I suspect safety/cameras (no MPH display, though...
  15. Shipping spacers not being removed?

    Exactly what I was thinking. Thanks for helping up the accurate information game on here. Coming from S2KI it’s something we are lacking at the moment on MKV, but hopefully it’ll come with time.
  16. Shipping spacers not being removed?

    It would be confounding to require disassembly of the strut to remove shipping spacers. Some quick Googling shows this should come apart. Here’s an image and more detail from Turner Motorsport:
  17. Dumb Question on plates :-(

    Agreed with the above posts that this should be handled under warranty if the dealer broke the screw off (if it was done by the owner...not really a warranty thing). That aside, I believe the rear license plate is mounted to the rear bumper via 2 screws, and the license plate is then mounted to...
  18. Dumb Question on plates :-(

    Call me a skeptic but I’d be surprised if Toyota dealers regularly stock this part as it’s likely not used on any other Toyota model, and those which are initially included on the Supra come from the factory (in the vehicle / PDI “kit”). Surely Toyota can order it, but a BMW dealer is more...
  19. Dumb Question on plates :-(

    I cannot find the license plate screws within the Toyota parts diagrams for whatever reason, however I’m guessing it may be BMW 07119906254. The part should only be around $1, so may be worth hitting up your local BMW dealer. Please post back if you confirm it’s correct.
  20. "Tires not recognized"

    The video I shared explain how it works. The QR code contains manufacturing data about the tire which is then uploaded (once) to the car. This is not directly related to the TPMS sensor but rather is used for the automatic function and specification of the recommended pressure. The manual...