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  1. Supra Bump Steer fix...

    Do we really think this is Toyota’s Problem? I think it is probably a bmw Z4 problem, but people aren’t really tracking those as much and it’s undiscovered. Is there a way to compare the part numbers for the rear subframe and control arms for the supra and it’s twin Z4? I expect them to be...
  2. Owner Review: Supra vs. my exes (911, Cayman, M2, Type R)

    Oooh! Can you discuss supra vs GT4. Skipping the whole transmission thing of course:) we don’t want to start a fire here.
  3. Brake bleeding requires dealer?!

    okay, thanks for all the reply’s. Seems like they must have gotten some air in the abs system and that usually requires a trip to the dealer in any car. thanks, Justin
  4. Brake bleeding requires dealer?!

    In one of Jackie Ding’s recent videos he says they had to go to the dealer to get he brakes bled properly. What’s up with that? Is that true? Do you always need to go to the dealer? I will stop even considering buying one of these cars if I can’t bleed the brakes myself before a track day...
  5. New (and old) SupraMKV members say hello!

    Ohh, please tell me more. I have a 2018 ZL1 and I want a Supra. Haven’t gotten to drive one yet. What do you think about ride and handling? Thanks, Justin
  6. Black MKV from Qatar Track/Street

    Enjoying this thread! The exact steps I will be taking when I get mine. Thanks.