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  1. Members from Ohio, please come in!

    I'm going to Pitt-race on July 25th. I've done Mid-Ohio a lot. And from the Cleveland area it's about the same distance to both.
  2. Help with negotiating tactics

    Email 10 different dealerships, get the best quote, then take that quote to your local dealer. Tell them to match it or you'll buy from the other instead and fly out to get it.
  3. Anybody selling just the AWE resonated midpipes?

    If the downpipe makes it sound like shit, then take off the downpipe :dunno:
  4. Verus Engineering UCW Rear Wing

    Wing is nice, but I don't care for the square endplates. The car doesn't have a square corner on it, so it doesn't fit imo. With a different design endplate it would look much better.
  5. Will a Catless Downpipe void my warranty?

    -yes, for parts influenced by the downpipe, in this case anything drivetrain related. -yes, if the CEL isn't cleared and a decent mechanic can tell by tool marks on the bolts that they've been removed and reinstalled. If your whole exhaust is dirty, but the downpipe is nice and clean... dead...
  6. How long do you plan on keeping your A90/A91?? :)

    It depends on the refresh, and if we get the GRMN. if we get it I'll likely trade in the A91 for one, if not, I might keep it as my daily and buy a weekend toy instead.
  7. Oil maintenance reset light “Impossible”

    I haven't reached any marker yet. But I'm not gonna get close to 10k miles a year. Would be silly to go to the dealer just to do the reset.
  8. Turbo coolant pump issue

    Never seen that one before. Maybe look on a BMW forum if it's a thing or if it's just a random one in a million failure. Usually when a part like that fails it was because of faulty construction at the part assembly and it's just a matter of time.
  9. Any 2020 Owners regretting their purchase?

    They're both underrated. Stock for stock there's about a 40 wheel horsepower difference. But torque is virtually the same. The difference is negligible. Bigger difference is the suspension feel. I forgot which track it was, but the '21 lapped significantly faster than a '20. I haven't had any...
  10. Members from Ohio, please come in!

    As long as there's no code thrown for missing cat you'll be ok. Otherwise you'll have to hook up the factory downpipe.
  11. LEGO Speed Champions Set Coming This Summer!

    Maybe if we buy a lot of them, they'll make a technic set.
  12. A45S v Supra

    Pretty sure only the USA gets the 382 horsepower engine, so this should still be the 335 horsepower engine in this Supra.
  13. GR Hatch Coming to US

    I'm going with a Celica GR-four. Which I would be very interested in as my winter daily.
  14. GR Hatch Coming to US Bet this is the same car. If it's branded as a Corolla remains to be seen (I hope not)
  15. Wouldnt Rev after starting

    Reading along every now and then, rolling my eyes, and moving on.. Tired of arguing with paranoid morons. They bring you down to their level and beat you with experience. So I'm just staying out of it.
  16. **FREE** Refraction Blue A91 Supra Fine Art Print

    You got a Mazda RX-8 R3? You do fighter jets? I'd take an F-14 Tomcat.
  17. **FREE** Refraction Blue A91 Supra Fine Art Print

    I have one, it looks fantastic.
  18. **FREE** Refraction Blue A91 Supra Fine Art Print

    So am I getting a $5 refund? :rofl: