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Sep 11, 2019
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10682 Pullman Ct. Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
A90 Supra
Our facility is roughly 30 mins east of Los Angeles. We have a showroom that you can pick up/order from, or just swing by for a quick race on the sim racing set ups. We also have a fully operational shop where we can do any performance installs, general maintenance, alignments, wheels and tires. We're your one stop shop!

We specialize in high quality parts for your A90 Supra. We have access to a lot of hard to get Japanese brands like Varis, Kuhl, INGS and others. Feel free to browse/purchase through our website at and if you have any questions you can send us a PM anytime, give us a call, reach out through an Instagram DM or if you're in the area just swing by! We race our own highly modified A90 regularly so we've been through several power, suspension, tuning, aero set ups and can share our experience or make recommendations. If you want to follow our build you can sub to our build thread here.

If you want to follow our latest events, track days, new parts releases, check out some of our customers cars or updates on our projects, feel free to follow us on Instagram at @artofattack.

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