Carlos Ghosn arrested again

Discussion in 'Off Topic Lounge' started by Bryster, Apr 4, 2019.

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    I'm convinced of a few things after keeping up with all the Nissan Motor vs Carlos Ghosn vs Renault merger vs Japanese courts news:

    1) Nissan like the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi alliance but REALLY does not in any way want to merge their storied company with Renault and cede some major decision making power to the French government. This, I can actually understand from a company's perspective on maintaining their own unique identity.

    2) Nissan executives and/or Japanese prosecutors are playing a very serious game of hardball with Ghosn, basically shutting him up with arrest after arrest and costing him tremendous money any time he would like to speak his case publicly. They want to tire him out and eventually just make him go away. And again, all bets were off once he tried to push through his merger plans. Nissan wasn't having it.

    3) Ghosn and the other gentleman seem that they likely did have some less than honest tricks up their sleeves financially during their tenure while running both Renault and Nissan Motor. To what extent this is all their own poor financial judgement and greed versus Nissan's efforts to kill the Renault merger and keep Ghosn tired out and unable to do much about it by any means necessary isn't 100% clear. But it would seem it's large degrees of both.

    4) Maybe without Le Cost Cutter (Ghosn's infamous nickname) running Nissan's show they will gradually get a leg up in quality start making far more than only 3-4 good products across their brand and Infiniti's. And maybe they also won't succumb to the excesses they ran into when they didn't reorganize and reign themselves in fast enough during Japan's "Lost Decade" after the economic bubble, which ironically led to their very best and most iconic technologies and vehicles, first burst in the early 90's and dragged them into bankruptcy in 1998-99 before Ghosn and Renault stepped in.

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