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    Hello All!
    First Off....HATS OFF to all that had a part in developing this website. Wish I would have found it way back when. Congrats, Great Job and Thanks!

    Where to start...I'm 45, and Supras have been in my blood since I was 15. Although after spending time reading a lot of posts on this page, I'm not near as smart and educated on Supras as I thought I was. Guess I'm simple is all.

    So, my dad bought me a Supra from a co worker of his when I was 15. Loved it. A bit rough, but wow. He was making payments to his co worker for it. Being just 15, I couldn't drive it yet. After it sitting for couple months in a near by parking lot, I decided to drive it to school illegally. Not of age, not licenced etc. I was "the stuff" making sure everyone saw me driving it. Until a chick turned me into the principal and it was all downhill from there. Dad eventually licenced it, we did a few trips together in it and I was in love. Was just about to turn 16 and guess couldn't afford it anymore and the co worker repoed it. Good learning experience I may add.

    Parents divorced, low income housing etc.
    Barely graduated from high school. But had entrepreneur tendencies. Had several jobs during high school. Love for Supras continued, but driving a '80 Corolla 4 door, primer black with spray painted aluminum rims and 300k on it. Must be around 18 or 19 landed a job for a kind gentleman who taught me my current trade.

    My first car loan, my first Supra...86.5 midnight blue, blue cloth interior, 5speed, non turbo with miles in the 60's. $6500. I forget my age, maybe 20 or so. Had it for several years. Loved it, Loved it, Loved it! Still today, I'm attracted to vehicles that are rare or not many of them on the road. The foreign sport cars such as Supras, RX-7, NSX, 300zx etc, the stuff in the mid to late '90's sure has a soft spot.

    I forget my age, but was ready to purchase a new body style Supra. Living in an economically poor and depressed area, these cars weren't around my area. BUT...A local business owner had a '94 Supra, non turbo, black that I lusted for. Then, it came up for sale. Went to his house, to find it having low miles but he had abused the interior and the exterior. (No wonder the price was low) Boy was I bummed and pissed. He used it to go golfing and the car had massive scratches all through needed an entire paint job. But still in my mid 20's seeing this car....body style, the cockpit (like almost like an airplane), the high wing, the tail lights, the body style, the potential chick magnet. You all know what I'm talking about. I passed on the car, because of the condition. But made me work hard to save more till I can find the right MKIV purchase.

    Life, unwise spending, high balances on credit cards = NO SUPRA!

    Got it together...Bought my first '94 Supra TT 6sp 40k miles. Had it for several years. Came into hard times at my business and sold it.
    After I saw what was going on with these cars and market on them (even 5 to10 years back), I bought and sold a couple of them. Buying stock ones, TT w/6spds. Had no trouble in marketing them.

    Will try and wrap this...
    Bought a '98 TT black with 25k on it, that's all stock from a well known dealership that sells Supras about 8 years ago. Had it for a couple years. Used it in proposing to my wife. Ended up selling it to get down payment on a house....HUGE MISTAKE.
    Then bought another '98 TT red with 15k on it, that's all stock about 3 years ago, also from a know dealership. Mint condition and afraid to drive it.
    So, came up with the idea to try and buy the black one back that I had sold. Guess what, He sold it back to me. Paid an additional $8k more than what I had sold it to him for to. As we know market on these continue to sky rocket.

    So...True Supra enthusiast here. Love them.
    Thoughts on the '20 Supra that's coming out? I need to bite my tongue. Hoping for the best. Not happy at all with all the BMW crap attached to it. Black Launch is on order, but ONLY due to my love for Supras.

    This may have turned into a blog, so I'm sorry. It's awesome to read so many things on this site. We are all human behind these keyboard buttons with stories in life that builds who we all are.
    .......AND OUR LOVE FOR SUPRA's!

    Will look forward to the next reads.
    Best to you all!

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    Thanks for sharing. Awesome story!
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