MKV Supra FAQ: Read This Before Asking Questions!

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    Welcome to SupraMKV Forums! Here's a quick overview of the most frequently asked questions on the site to help catch you up on the latest and greatest in the world of Supras.

    What is the MKV Supra?
    The MKV (Mark 5) Supra is the fifth generation of the Toyota Supra. It is made in collaboration with BMW and will have a shared platform and manufacturing with the latest generation BMW Z4. The Supra's Chief Engineer is Tetsuya Tada, and the Z4's Chief Engineer is Klaus Froehlich.

    Why are BMW and Toyota working together on this car?
    Tightening emissions and safety regulations in the modern era mean that car manufacturers must spend large portions of their budgets researching and developing ways to make their cars more efficient, less harmful to the planet, and safer for both the occupants and pedestrians. As such, creating sports cars is a low priority for big brands (such as BMW and Toyota) whose main business is to create cars for the common person.

    As such, partnerships between two or more manufacturers can help provide the resources and capital in order to both expand safety and efficiency technology, as well as create lower volume cars, such as sports cars.

    Toyota and BMW came to an agreement to work on a sports car platform (after much negotiation), while also agreeing to share valuable technologies that will help both companies in their "regular" car development.

    What kind of car is the MKV Supra?
    Now that's a loaded question! The MKV Supra has huge shoes to fill, not only because of how capable the MKIV Supra was, but also because the MKIV Supra proved to be a fantastic platform for circuit racing, drag racing, drifting, etc.

    Tada-San (Chief Engineer) has said he is designing the Supra first and foremost to be a competition ready sports car, so that it can be a strong platform going forward for both amateur and professional tuners.

    What Engine/Drivetrain will the MKV Supra have?
    While there is little concrete evidence of exactly what motor the Supra will get, here is what we do know:
    -The MKV Supra will have an Inline-6 turbocharged engine. No exact numbers are yet given for output.

    Current Speculation:
    This engine will be mated to a ZF 8HP 8-speed Torque-Converter Automatic transmission. Our estimated power figures are between 330-380hp and 350-400 lb-ft of torque. A base model MKV will also be available with a 2.0L Inline-4 turbocharged engine; output is estimated to be around 250-270hp and 250-300 lb-ft. The same automatic transmission will be used. There is no news of a manual transmission being offered at launch.

    Discussion of the MKVs new Inline 6 can be found here:

    Is the motor an off-the-shelf BMW unit?
    We currently have no concrete evidence for or against this.

    Current Speculation:
    As far as the information we have gathered, no. This is a newly developed motor that is being co-developed by Toyota and BMW. Current info says that it is loosely based off B58 architecture, but using cast iron (CGI) for the block in order to achieve high strength levels. Additionally, the head is all-new for this motor. This information, however, has not been confirmed.

    How much will the MKV Supra cost?
    No solid numbers have been given, as this is likely undecided until the car's official reveal.

    Current Speculation:
    Estimates are around mid-40k to 50k USD for the base model and mid-50k to 65k USD for the top 6-cylinder model. This is estimates for the US market, other markets will have different pricing.

    How much will the MKV Supra weigh?
    Again, no concrete evidence or details.

    Current Speculation:
    The 6-cyl model may weigh anywhere from 3050lbs to 3350lbs. The 4-cyl will of course be lighter than the 6-cyl.

    Which cars is the MKV Supra competing against?
    Tada-San has said that there are no real competitors for the car, but rather he wanted to make a car that was exactly how he wanted it, independent of market trends. During testing, the MKV was seen being tested with with Porsche Caymans and 911s.

    Will the MKV Supra have an active wing?
    No. The Supra has an integrated duckbill spoiler in its liftback, but no active/mechanical wing.

    Is the MKV Supra a reskinned BMW Z4?

    While the Z4 is indeed a sister car to the Supra, Tada-San has said they have completely independent chassis' and are being developed with completely different engineering mindsets. Tada-San goes on to say that this project is not like the 86/BRZ project, in that the two cars are not being codeveloped to be a single model between two manufacturers. Instead, the two cars are being developed independently and overlapping parts and technologies are being shared to streamline engineering and reduce development costs.

    When can we expect to see the production MKV Supra?
    While no exact dates have been given, we are expecting a full production car reveal towards the end of 2018. Tada San has stated production will start Q1 2019 and sales should begin Q2.

    We'll update this FAQ as more details become available!
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