Side Mirror Caps: How To Install, Tips, Tricks


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Jan 27, 2020
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Charlotte, NC
2020 Supra
1. Push the entire mirror so it folds out away from the car.
  • Tip: This will allow the mirror to hang freely without scratching on the paint/door.

2. Push on the corner of the glass near the door. This will give you room to place your fingers behind the opposite corner so you can pry the mirror off. The lock for the glass is round and located in the center of the glass. The mirror will just pop off with proper pressure.
  • Tip: I don't recommend using pry tools as they create pressure on the glass in one specific location. This increases the chance of cracking the glass. It's better to use your hand to pry the glass.

3. There are only 3 locks holding the mirror cover in place. The locks have a piece of plastic tab in the middle which will need to be moved outwards to allow the clips to come together and unlock. Now you can use needle nose pliers to squeeze the two plastic prongs together to release the clip.
  • Trick: Needle nose pliers fit perfectly into the prongs (as seen in picture below).
  • Tip: Release the clips in this order: Far outside clip > middle clip > Inner clip near door. If you go in this order you will not have to pry on the cover. Once you unlock the third clip, it will simply come right off.

4. Install the new mirror cover. Align everything up and it will clip back into place.
  • Tip: Double check all 3 clips to ensure they locked. Also check to make sure the plastic locking tab in the middle of the clips are engaged.

5. Reinstall the glass mirror. Align the tabs up and push in the center of the mirror to lock it in place.
  • Tip: Do not push on the outside edges of the mirror. Use the center of the mirror as the locks are located in this area.


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