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    @Guff What were your thoughts when comparing the 86 and Supra?
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    The 86 is definitely more playful, easier to drive, much lower limits, and clearly less capable. But they both share really sublime chassis balance, both are easy to read and very predictable at the limit. The Supra is clearly in a different league with the power it has, but the 86 definitely has better steering, better visibility, and feels smaller around you. The weight difference is definitely noticeable as well, but the Supra does a good job of masking some of that weight.

    Is one more fun than the other? I mean, I had a lot of fun driving the Supra and the 86, so I don't think I can totally quantify that. The Supra will drift just as happily even with the higher mechanical grip levels, thanks to (again) good balance, but also because it makes stupid torque. The 86 is definitely more chuckable, but you also have to use weight transfer to get it moving usually, which you don't necessarily need in the Supra.

    I was honestly expecting the Supra to be a little bit more "bite-y" once you went past the limits, but honestly, it wasn't; it was really easy. Generally, the more performance/grip in a car, the more careful you need to be at that 9-10/10ths, and that can take away from the "fun" because it induces a little stress. But the Supra is somehow still very easy, just like the 86, which is commendable.

    I guess the million dollar question is: Would I sell my 86 for a Supra? Or is the 86 enough of a unique experience to want to keep both?

    Well, maybe if I was Shmee-wealthy, I'd keep both, but at this point in time, I'd probably sell the 86 and get a Supra. Supra is just all around a better daily-driver and a better performer overall. I already own other manual cars, so I can get my manual fix that way (although I would still prefer a manual Supra), and the auto is really good. The Supra def gives you that balance that was so addicting in the 86, and although there are differences (like price obv), I think the Supra is a better car overall (for me).
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