1. Any 2.0 Owners do the NASA Track Day?

    Hi just bought a 2022 red 2.0 and I was wondering if any 2.0 owners did the NASA track day? If you did, how did the car do (e.g., any issues with brake fade, going in limp mode, tire issues, or anything else)? Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences!
  2. NASA HPDE NOLA Motorsports Park 10/10/2021

    This is a video of my best session of NASA HPDE at NOLA Motorsports Park in Avondale, LA (https://www.nolamotor.com). Future event information can be found on the NASA Website under the NOLA Region (https://members.drivenasa.com/regions/29). To Register for NASA Driving Events visit The NASA...