1. **New Sponsor- ///StudioRSR | Shop & Parts Source

    Hi SupraMKV.com members! The MK5 Supra is our favorite car in recent years, and we couldn't be more enthusiastic about how well the car drives and the reliability we've found in upgrading it on and off the Track!! Our Owner & CEO daily drives his 2020 Tungsten Silver, and we'll be sharing the...
  2. Volk Racing TE37SL Black Edition III Pre-Orders

    Now Open, TE37SL Black Edition III Pre-Orders. Sizing is as followed 19" spec 19x9.5 + 23 19x10.5 +34 18" Spec 18x9.5 + 21 18x10.5 +34 Special Pre-order pricing available for limited time/Sets Please PM all inquiries or email [email protected]
  3. TE37SL in ultra rare Titanium Gunmetal now available

    The time has come, Our batch of Titanium Gunmetal TE37SL for A90 spec has finally landed in the US. Only 10 sets to ever be produced in this color available. In stock now and ready to ship. No JDM wait time. These are only available in special order batches.
  4. RAYS TE37 Ultra MSpec/SL and 57CR in stock for SUPRA A90

    Rays Japan TE37 ULTRA M SPEC - BRONZE 19X9.5 +23 19X10.5+35 TE37 SL - Variety of colors, Limited Quantity 19X9.5 +22 19X10.5 +35 57CR - ETERNAL BLUE PEARL 19X9.5 +25 19X10.5 +35 DM me for pricing with Shipping Thank you Lou
  5. 20” or 19” TE37’s or Other Rims???

    I wanted to ask on everyone’s opinion if they would rather go 19”s or 20”s. I have plans on going Widebody in the possible future but I do want to run the rims throughout the duration before then. I don’t know how much ground clearance I get with daily driving if I run the typical set up of 19 x...