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  1. 40th anniversary for Toyota's Calty Design Research, Creators of the FT-1 Concept

    Toyota’s Calty Design Research Celebrates Its 40th Year and a Rich Sports Car Design Heritage From humble beginnings, Calty Design Research has become a pre-eminent automotive design center strongly influencing Toyota vehicle designs Calty studios play a critical role in Toyota’s North American...
  2. FT-1 Toyota Sketches

    I found my new wallpaper :thumbsup:
  3. First 2017 Supra Mule Spied at the Ring?

    Now don't get too excited... but an NSX was out testing at Nurburgring yesterday and it was kind of an odd sight. It was following a stock Mark IV Supra. Da heck?! (is what you should be thinking). Was Toyota just running an old Supra for giggles at the Ring or was there more to it? Well the...
  4. What are you ok / not ok with new Supra sharing with BMW

    The only thing we really know about what the Supra and BMW sports car will be sharing is some kind of shared platform but what about everything else - engine, suspension, tranmission, driving aids, technology, styling? Personally I just want BMW's carbon fiber chassis and maybe suspension since...