1. DSOmegaX Satin Turbulence TRD Supra

    DSOmegaX 2020 Toyota GR Supra | Turbulence Grey | Premium 2019 BMW M2 Competition | LBB | DCT | Executive Package | Build Thread Introduction Hey everyone, I'm starting the build and photos for my GR Supra, which I picked up on 11/29/19. This vehicle is actually the first Toyota I've owned. I...
  2. Endless Projects A90 Supra Build

    My name’s Michael. I’m a member of Endless Projects in Northern California. I took delivery of my A90 in the first week of December. So far I’ve done a few small things. Installed my CF engine cover as well as the TRD carbon fiber door garnishes and Rexpeed wing. Threw in the Cusco power brace...