1. We WON! California 2018 Exhaust Law!

    Good news! Looks like petitioning does make a difference!!! California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a bill into effect which prevents drivers with excessively loud exhausts from receiving hefty tickets on-the-spot. Links...
  2. AMS MKV Supra

    AMS MKV Supra

  3. Did they make the new builds quieter? Just got mine. No crackles.

    Hey folks, I am located in Australia, where our cars only just got released. They have been here for 2 months as press/media cars, but when I drove them, they sounded same as the USA videos I have seen. Mine was the first customer car delivered in Australia, it is a May 2019 build, but the...
  4. PRL Motorsports Product Development Thread

    Say hello to the newest addition to our PRL Motorsports family! Our A90 MKV Toyota Supra is finally here after being jerked around by two different local dealerships over the past few weeks. We want to give thanks to Spitzer Toyota of Monroeville for the great price on this Absolute Zero White...