frequency intelligent

  1. My 2020 SUPRA gets a new Frequency Intelligent EXHAUST!! **SO LOUD**

    Hey all, Got my new Frequency Intelligent catback valvetronic exhaust installed this past week. Had the Carbon Fiber tip option as well. Car sounds incredible with just an upgraded catback. Check out the install video and sound clips. LINK: Reving and driving sound clips are towards the...
  2. Auto Talent | Frequency Intelligent Exhaust System for A90 Supra

    System Includes: Front pipe + Mid x Pipe + Valvetronic Muffler + Quad silver tips + Remote control system module Optional: - 100 CELL Catted Downpipe - 200 CELL Catted Downpipe - Catless Downpipe - Gold Exhaust Tips - Titanium Burnt Tips - Black Tips - Carbon Fiber Frequency Intelligent...