1. BMS JB4 Port Injection Controller

    Hey Guys, Has anyone run the BMS JB4 PI controller? Does this require an unlocked ECU/DME? https://burgertuning.com/products/jb4-port-injection-control-module?variant=43278733508782 Wonder Twins activate? @zrk @Jesse DaBears Thanks!
  2. I may have been swindled? 2J Racing Complaint (Resolved) (Owner Joe Ippolito)

    To be upfront I will not be naming the shop that I worked with as to not cause any problems if there ends up not being any. So a little backstory, I had a shop local to me that deals in race speced cars and tuning that did exhaust work, coil overs and tuning for my 2020 supra. I asked the...
  3. Semi-DIY Ethanol Analyzer w/ JB4 Integration - Thoughts?

    Hey Folks, I've recently started tinkering and researching all things JB4. Kevin (YouTube: kern417) published a video about piecing together an ethanol analyzer which is less expensive than buying a commercial flex fuel kit which can run between $295 (Vader) - $500 (BMS/Fuel-It). Kevin...
  4. Supra Part Out (Orlando, FL)

    Sold the Supra yesterday and have these parts for sale. I’m in the Orlando, FL area (Zip: 32707) if you want to meet up or pick up. Can also ship if needed but buyer pays shipping. Local preferred. Custom Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel, Flat Top and Bottom - $750 Purchased from @NitroYellowMKV...
  5. Concerning Noise Coming from Driver Side of the Engine

    Should I be concerned or am I over reacting? Currently running the car on JB4 map 5 with E30 blend. Not sure if it is the switch in fuel that is causing it but this is my first time hearing this sort of noise. Now I will say that I switched over to E30 and Map 5 about 4 days ago from the time of...
  6. WTB: JB4 w/ EWG, Bluetooth

    Hi, looking to buy JB4 w/ EWG, Bluetooth. Please write me if you want to sale yours. Need shipping to 19809
  7. Seeking more info on JB4 Map 6 tuning

    I've seen repeatedly on these forums that everyone has their Map 6 settings dialed in by Jesse for ~$500 or so. I found this rather unusual just coming from a MK7 GTI that I've been running Map 6 for 7+ years (never had an issue, even at 26+ psi stock turbo e30). I was able to dial it in myself...
  8. Supra 2.0 JB4

    Hey everyone, I’m running a catless downpipe and E30 mix on a jb4. after the install it felt like the power delivery isn’t very smooth and the gear changes are much slower. I’ve tested Map 3 +6PSI and Map 5 22psi absolute target. Map 5 feels fastest but I think it can be optimized. any...
  9. JB4 for sale!

    Burger Tuning JB4 for sale! Works great, make sure you install correctly! jb4 support is super responsive as well! My car is super fun and safe with this tune, been using it for a little over 2,500 miles. 🙏 500$ shipped!
  10. How I Mounted My JB4

    This convenient factory grounding stud is where I grounded my methanol pump, solenoid, and fsb. Also modified and painted a random bracket I had laying around and attached on the same stud to provide a little mounting shelf. You could drill a few holes in any small L bracket and do the same. I...
  11. JB4 Burger Tuning w/ EWG connector and Bluetooth | $399

    Hello again everyone, Selling this JB4, lightly used. Comes with all the connectors to run safely on your supra. Easy 80hp gain and no messing with your warranty or Russian clones :) Priced to move, make me an offer!
  12. Tutorial on how to connect a flex fuel sensor to JB4?

    I installed the Fuel-it flex fuel kit a while back along with my jb4. The page has some vague instructions on how to get them working together (connect the white wire to pin 4, change WMI etc). Just wondering does anyone know of a solid video/forum tutorial on getting this specific setup...
  13. JB4 with EWG connector and Bluetooth adapter.

    Hello. Selling my JB4, it comes with the EWG connector and Bluetooth adapter. Ran it on my car for 15k miles with no issues. It will come in the original box. $500 obo.
  14. 2021 Catless with JB4, no tune no CEL

    I'm interested in gong catless. I hard the Armytrix catless with simulator works with the JB4? Is this the case? And are there any other catless DP that work with the JB4, with no tune, and no CEL.
  15. $650 - JB4 Tuner with EWG Connector Bluetooth and Fuel-It Flex Fuel Kit

    I recently removed this off my car since I received my cloned ECU. I was running this on Map 6 with a custom Jesse Dabears tune (Highly recommend you doing the same). I ran an e40 blend using the Fuel-It kit. Includes the following: JB4 Tuner (Retail $529) JB4 BMW EWG Add On Connector (Retail...
  16. JB4, Smartphone, EWG, WMI, Dual BM7 Nozzles, and Charge Pipe Kit

    For Sale as JB4 EWG WMI Charge Pipe Kit: Asking $1300 - Free Delivery in DMV/Richmond see details. JB4, Smartphone Kit, WMI Universal Kit, Dual BM7 Nozzles, EWG, 1 Gal Tank, and Red FTP Dual Dong Charge-pipe. Paid over $1750 without taxes and shipping. Ran mid 11’s at MIR with stock tires and...
  17. A91 Turbo and Tune Options?

    I have a 2021 locked ECU and considering buying myself (or my car i suppose) a bigger turbo as a christmas present. Im looking to make around 550-600 whp on low boost (~20 psi) combined with my intake, charge pipe, and FI exhaust. Will a bigger turbo be necessary for this? Also, wouldn’t a true...
  18. KOOKS EXHAUST $500.00

    *****Update 6 / 26 / 2022. Price drop on the exhaust***** --Kooks Resonator and Muffler delete w/ SS tips ~8,000 miles New $1320.00 Looking for $1000.00 $900.00 $500.00 plus shipping
  19. Part sold

  20. JB4 Tune for late 2021 A91?

    Just bought a JB4 tune for my late production 2021 Supra. Apparently since its a piggyback system it can get +80hp gains without touching the ECU. Is this the only route we can go from now on until they are unlocked? Currently running just an mst intake and planning on a Frequency Intelligence...