1. Gear got stuck

    Did anyone have an issue with 4th gear getting stuck on automatic mode? I floored on high way and 4th gear was trying to transition to 5th but got stuck in high rpm so I let off, switched to manual and then became fine.Then same thing happened in 5th gear in manual mode and also auto mode. My...
  2. Idea to help bring the manual

    Seems as though we are in a conundrum with the Supra getting a manual gear box. On one hand, if those that want a manual, hold out. Sales figures may be too low to justify a new transmission. On the other hand, there's no guarantee that good sales figures will call for a manual to be sold. What...
  3. Toyota GR Supra Owner Manual & Navigation

    Toyota Japan updated their website in the end of April/beginning of May and put the owner's manual and the navigation manual online. Additionally the Supra Connect user Manual is also available on the Japanese Website. Now (May 2019), Toyota Europe put them up, too. All different languages are...
  4. Is a manual transmission in the cards for the new Supra?