1. MKV Tuners in Phoenix?

    New forum member here. Wanted to see if anyone knew any MKV tuners in the Phoenix area or even anywhere in Arizona. I have a 2021 GR Supra Nocturnal Black.
  2. Phantom Matte Gray Supra project

    Hello everyone! A new Supra owner here, I decided to create a log for my car in case other people are interested in some of the parts I have installed/plan to install. I signed up today because this forum have been really helpful for me, I had a lot of doubts and questions over some stuff and...
  3. the AUTOTECHNIK CF Side Mirror Replacements reducs WIND DRONE pretty damn well...

    INSANE WIND NOISE REDUCTION Just recently gave the Supra some side mirror treatment with Polarized Mirrors by REXSPEED & Autotechnik (BMW STYLE) Carbon Fiber Cap Replacements. Super easy install, but with the first version of the REXSPEED mirrors, you are getting rid of the blind spot caution...
  4. Kings Must Rise

    Kings Must Rise

  5. Lokki's A90 Supra

    Lokki's A90 Supra

  6. Fast and Furious Supra build

    Fast and Furious Supra build

  7. KONG's Supra

    KONG's Supra

  8. NEW* APEXI N1-X DUAL EXHAUST - 2020+ (A90) Supra

    Hey guys we are now taking orders for the new Apexi N1-X Dual Exhaust. Please feel free to Dm or email me at [email protected] with any questions or concerns. Thank you - Joe The N1 Evolution Extreme is based on the proven performance basics of the N1 muffler which emphasizes optimum...
  9. NEW* Ing's A90 Supra Aero Kit

    Ing's has just came out with their beautiful new Aero pieces. The Supra's body lines are already aggressive, but Ing's has found a way to add to it without making it a wide body kit and not having to drill into your beautiful quarter panels and bumpers. Here at Art of Attack we have always...

    HKS SUPER AIR FILTER - 2020+ TOYOTA SUPRA (A90) PM for pricing! Concept and Features: Super Air Filter has a wide lineup of air filters with our special technology. The density gradient structure technology where filter density becomes higher with each layer ensures all sizes of dust and other...
  11. AMS MKV Supra

    AMS MKV Supra

  12. Supra Dupra's Garage

    Supra Dupra's Garage

  13. Is a manual transmission in the cards for the new Supra?
  14. New Exhaust Laws in CA that may affect MKV Aftermarket Scene

    2019 has been a rough start for car enthusiasts in CA. CHP and local police have been in full force pulling over, not only modified cars but OEM cars that "loud" like a stock M4. We like to drive our cars that have a very nice exhaust tone. "Existing law requires every motor vehicle subject to...
  15. The Supra vs Z4!

    So I know this is a joint project of sorts where Toyota and BMW will both build sports car or cars off the same platform but how close will the cars be? Are we looking at a FRS / BRZ kind of relationsihp where it's the same exact car mechanically but just different packaging and styling? Or are...
  16. The MKIV vs MKV Thread

    Some asked if there was a concept for MKIV Supra. So here you go. Sitting at Toyota HQ in Torrance at the Toyota museum. FT-1's Turn Early sketches A little closer Scans From MotorTrend