velgen sl series

  1. Velgen Forged SL Series Partial Sponsorship

    Hello fellow Supra enthusiasts, what I have for you guys here is our new SL Series SL-7. The SL-7 is a two piece fully forged wheel with a step lip that just compliments the Supra extremely well. We do currently have two sets in stock in 19' and 20' that we are giving partial sponsorships on...
  2. INSTOCK Set Velgen SL-10 19"

    Hey guys, we have a set in stock no wait time whatsoever ready to ship out instead of waiting 4-5 weeks. Velgen SL-10 Wheel Size: 19”x9.5”//19”x11" Wheel Finish: Satin Black/Gloss Black Lip/Stainless Steel Hardware
  3. Supra in Phantom Gray Recieving Velgen SL-5 Series

    We’re no stranger when it comes to the new A90 Supra. These Velgen SL-5 just give this Supra the look it was missing! These wheels are high performance wheels that come in just shy of 23.5lbs. This set here is ready for this Supra to hit the track and also do some driving around town! These are...