3.0 premium

  1. FS: (TUNABLE) 21 Grey 3.0 Premium ( Moded)

    Trying to see if I could sell this as a whole instead of part out. 21 Supra with lots of mods. Full car was recently ceramic coated (including wheels) and windows are tinted. The car is BM3 Stage 2 TUNED and runs awesome on PS4S tires, I also have the stock wheels on R888R for sale. For the...
  2. Delivery Delay Due to Fuel Pump

    Hi all, I wanted to see if anyone else had this issue with their 2020 3.0 Supra. I recently purchased the car, used with under 7k miles, and the delivery got delayed because: 1) Dealer said they couldn't get the car to start up again after getting the inspection done 2) They tried...
  3. Missing Apple Carplay

    Hi, I'm sorry if this post is a duplicate (I'm new here), I just got a used 2020 Supra (1800km driven) in Dubai about a week ago and there's no Carplay for some reason. I assumed all 2020 Supra come with Apple Carplay, am I missing something? I don't have wireless charging either, it's just a...
  4. Will's 2021 GR Supra

    Will's 2021 GR Supra