1. ISO: Bride seats+rails

    Looking for a pair of Bride Buckets. Zeta or Stradia series in good condition. Also need A90 BRIDE Rails. Stock seat exchange (3.0 Premium Black leather) can be done but also happy to just buy.
  2. 4/5-point harnesses with stock seats

    Has anyone seen or thought of a solution to put racing harnesses in the car to work with the stock seats? I never really paid attention to the back of the seat until I went to look where to run straps.
  3. NEW* Bride Seat Rails - Type-Fo / FX / RO /Mo - A90 Supra

    For those looking to run a bucket seat in their new Supra look no further as Bride has came out with their new seat rails. Bride has made four different style seat rails to fit your aftermarket seat of choice. Type-Fo, Type-Mo,Type-Fx, and Type-Ro. These seat rails are a direct fit in your A90...
  4. Aftermarket Steering Wheel & Seat

    *Steering Wheel* Just installed my aftermarket steering wheel last night I had a custom wheel made by BeithPerformancePants after purchasing an OEM replacement core and replacement parts myself. Added the Autotecknic Competition Carbon paddle shifters which were really easy to swap thanks to...
  5. Aftermarket Seat Install Possibilities?

    Hey...has anyone upgraded to aftermarket seats yet? I want to install some Recaro SR7's but so far have only found Bride rails online which are still in the pre-production phase and don't really know the first thing about custom seat rail mounting or the implications of removing the stock seats...