1. The best upgraded stock tire sizes front and back

    Hey guys I’ve read a lot of forms about Stock tire sizes but seems to always have someone start talking about 20inch rims, after market rims or hell they they just start bringing up tires on a whole different car then an MK5. This form is specifically on if you have the stock 19inch Toyota Supra...
  2. RT Tuning's A90 on the Dyno - Stock vs AWE Touring

    Hey Guys, here's a video comparing RT Tuning's project Supra on the dyno in two configurations. First is a down pipe with stock exhaust. Second is a down pipe with the AWE Resonated Touring edition. Have listen, check out our product page and let me know what you think.
  3. @7.insta Supra w/ Gold wheels

    @7.insta Supra w/ Gold wheels