1. AS 42 2021 Toyota GR Supra SCCA AutoCross CENLA Region 03/28/2021, Run #6, 45.290

    This is a video of my fastest run in the AS 42, 2021 Toyota GR Supra from this month's AutoCross event for the CENLA Region held at Lamar Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales, LA ( Full event results and Future event information can be found on the SCCA CENLA...
  2. 2020 Toyota Supra GR Lease Transfer $555.05/M DAS 4500 ECUTEK TUNED 6K in MODS

    2020, Toyota, Supra, GR Location: Southern California MSRP: Monthly payment (pre-tax): 555.05 Current mileage: 7850 Maturity mileage: 36000 Effective miles per month: 1043 Maturity date: 6/9/2023 Cash due (if any):4500 Financial institution: US Bank Transfer fee: $500.00, paid by new lessee...
  3. StopTech 6-Piston x 380mm front BBK

    Hi Everyone, We just installed the StopTech front BBK on our PRR/IMS Time Attack A90. - STR 60 6 Piston calipers - 380x32mm 2 piece Slotted Aero-Rotors - StopTech Brake Lines - SR33 Pads We will be taking them out on the first test day this weekend at Willow Spring International Raceway...
  4. Phantom Matte Gray Supra project

    Hello everyone! A new Supra owner here, I decided to create a log for my car in case other people are interested in some of the parts I have installed/plan to install. I signed up today because this forum have been really helpful for me, I had a lot of doubts and questions over some stuff and...
  5. SM_RCF's Garage

    SM_RCF's Garage

  6. Kings Must Rise

    Kings Must Rise

  7. ig: supra.448

    ig: supra.448

  8. Finally Picked up my Downshift Blue 2020 Supra!

    Hi, this is my first post here. Never thought I'd ever jump into one of these things.. But we ended up here anyways =) so lets enjoy. If you guys are curious, we'll have a full build series on our youtube channel: Instagram: @supbirdy
  9. ~ phone's 2020 Toyota Supra !

    ~ phone's 2020 Toyota Supra !

  10. J_Orr

    Aberdeen Angus

  11. Auto Talent | Pure Turbos Pure800 Upgrade Turbo for Toyota Supra

    Click HERE to order Pure800 Upgrade Turbo! Our latest Pure Turbo Upgrade provides you a lightning-quick response with even more neck-snapping torque and horsepower that will transform your already mighty Mercedes into a true supercar. Constructed of billet aluminum, our larger impeller wheel...
  12. 2020 A90 Build

    2020 A90 Build

  13. HKS HIPERMAX Touring - Adjustable Spring Kit

    HKS HIPERMAX Touring - Adjustable Spring Kit Now available is the HKS HIPERMAX Touring kit. Contact us for availability. See details and pricing below! Most high-performance cars on the road today feature electronic control of the suspension damping for a tunable ride that the driver can...
  14. KW V3 Coilovers

    KW V3 Coilovers How's it going everyone? KW V3 Coilover kits are out now! Hit us up to get yours. See details and pricing below! These Variant 3 coilovers built by KW are designed to further your A90’s performance with targeted damper settings. The patented KW-valve technology used, allows our...
  15. HKS Super Filter

    HKS Super Filter Hey everyone! We're selling the HKS Super Filter for those of you who are looking to keep the mods simple, but functional! Hit us up to get yours. See details and pricing below! The HKS SUPER FILTER is a stock replacement-type air filter utilizing a newly developed dry...
  16. AMS MKV Supra

    AMS MKV Supra

  17. Boostedlex


  18. Matador


  19. The Supra vs Z4!

    So I know this is a joint project of sorts where Toyota and BMW will both build sports car or cars off the same platform but how close will the cars be? Are we looking at a FRS / BRZ kind of relationsihp where it's the same exact car mechanically but just different packaging and styling? Or are...
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