1. WTS: OEM turbo, intake, charge pipe

    OEM parts for sale turbo has less than 5k miles on it : $1k OBO intake box top and bottom with filter: $150 OBO charge pipe: $150 OBO feel free to DM me, Will post pics soon!
  2. Looking for Pure800 turbo

    Does anybody have a pure800 turbo in stock without having to pay core deposit?
  3. **New Sponsor- ///StudioRSR | Shop & Parts Source

    Hi SupraMKV.com members! The MK5 Supra is our favorite car in recent years, and we couldn't be more enthusiastic about how well the car drives and the reliability we've found in upgrading it on and off the Track!! Our Owner & CEO daily drives his 2020 Tungsten Silver, and we'll be sharing the...
  4. Bootmod3 BM3 Boost By Gear Reduction Setting

    Hey Guys, I currently am running the stage 2 91 OTS map on my supra, with stock wheels. I am currently having traction issues in 1-3. What settings did you guys do to combat this? Did you just follow the recommended setting? Please let me know and share your solutions! Thank you!
  5. Snow Performance Stage 3 Meth Kit. Sold Sold Sold

    I have for sale my Snow Performance Stage 3 Meth dual/single jet kit with extra jets and deutsch connectors already installed. This kit was able to do over 650whp on my 2020 Supra. I am changing intake manifolds and it will have port injection and will not be needing this kit. I used my OEM...
  6. Armytrix Full Exhaust System

    Armytrix Full Exhaust System Hey guys! We're selling full Armytrix exhaust systems. You can buy individual downpipes, catbacks, or full kits. Please contact us for the stock status and pricing of any Armytrix products. Despite bearing the name of its predecessor, the A90 Supra provides state...
  7. KW V3 Coilovers

    KW V3 Coilovers How's it going everyone? KW V3 Coilover kits are out now! Hit us up to get yours. See details and pricing below! These Variant 3 coilovers built by KW are designed to further your A90’s performance with targeted damper settings. The patented KW-valve technology used, allows our...
  8. Boostedlex


  9. 808


  10. Info on Supra?

    I put a deposit on the Launch Edition, and I'm wondering if anyone has an info on if I have to go install an oil catch can or if it comes with it. And if it comes with BOV or Diverter valve? Sorry if it's a silly question lol BTW I'm in the east coast so if anyone wanna cruise or convoy I'm so...
  11. PRL Motorsports Introduction

    Hey guys, we just wanted to make a post to hear the community's input in regards to performance upgrades for the B58 MKV Supra. We will be performing extensive R&D once available in an effort to provide the best products and support we possibly can for this platform. Our team has a pretty solid...
  12. B48/B58 Flashing Capabilities

    Hello fellow forum-goers, I have some good news from the land of blown turbos solenoids, dead water pumps, snapped crank hubs, and failing high pressure fuel pumps! Recently, the B58 DME (Digital Motor Electronics/ECU/Computer that controls the motor and has encryption) has finally had a large...
  13. SPMS Twin Turbo 350z

    SPMS Twin Turbo 350z