1. 2021 2.0 Supra 24Hr Test Drive Coming Up--Anything to Lookout For?

    Hey, everyone. This is my first post here, and I tried to make sure there wasn't a similar post floating around out there already. Is there anything--such as common points of failure or issues--that I should look out for while test driving a 2.0 Supra? I will have the car for 24Hrs--thanks...
  2. best exhaust for the 2.0 supra

    Hey guys I was wondering if you can help me out choosing an exhaust for my 2.0 supra. I was wondering if there are some exhausts for the 2.0 close to the tomei or if you can fit a tome on a 2.0 thanks!!
  3. Any 2.0 Owners do the NASA Track Day?

    Hi just bought a 2022 red 2.0 and I was wondering if any 2.0 owners did the NASA track day? If you did, how did the car do (e.g., any issues with brake fade, going in limp mode, tire issues, or anything else)? Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences!
  4. Brake pads for 2.0

    Hi, I picked up my 2.0 last week. Great car and enjoying it so far! I am going be to doing HPDE events but having trouble finding track pads for the single piston caliper. Looking for recommendations and/or advise. Has anyone done any track time on the OEM pads? If so, how did it hold up? I...
  5. 2021 Toyota 2.0

    So I just called one of my Toyota dealers and I was asking about the 2.0 and he was telling me that it wouldn’t be 40k and it would be 50k . Someone please tel me differently . I don’t believe him but what do you guys think?