1. WTS: CTS Turbo Catless Downpipe

    I have a brand new, still in original bubble wrap CTS turbo catless downpipe for the B58. Purchased from xph as combo deal on Black Friday, and decided to go high flow catted to avoid emissions headache. Willing to ship at buyer's expense. $300 obo
  2. For Sale: Brand New Split Second AIC1-V6H EV6 Port Injection Controller

    Hey all, I have a brand new, unopened Split Second AIC1-V6H EV6 Controller for sale. This came with with my B58 EOS Port Injection kit but I decided to use AIC2-P instead. Asking for $325. Feel free to PM me here or DM me through Instagram @alpine_f22 Thanks!
  3. Shudder/Vibration During Cold Start Idling?

    Tried looking it up with different search terms but i couldn't find anything on this so i apologize if its already known on here, Noticed a few times ive given my car a chance to warm up before heading out and as im sitting there ive felt the engine sort of shudder and it keeps doing it until...
  4. A91 & Recent 2021 Impossible to Tune / ECU manufactured after 2020/6 is locked?

    ** EMERGENCY POST ** We were asked not to talk about it, but it’ll end up going public soon anyways. Upon earlier this week, we received our first A91 (that i know of in the world) to be tuned. Sending his ECU in to us to be unlocked, we came across some information thats never been seen...
  5. Lokki's A90 Supra

    Lokki's A90 Supra

  6. BM3 vs Ecutek

    Which tuning company has the overall best comprehensive ECU tuning for MKV Supra? Lets lay it all out here ...
  7. Auto Talent | ProTuningFreaks - Bootmod3 Authorized Dealer + Installer

    [email protected] CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE AND RECEIVE YOUR LICENSE! * All purchases through our website will come with a FREE OBD to Ethernet cable! FEATURES: 1) Map switching among pre-loaded maps whether OTS or customized by the tuner of their choosing. 2) OTS maps including optional...
  8. My 2020 SUPRA gets a new Frequency Intelligent EXHAUST!! **SO LOUD**

    Hey all, Got my new Frequency Intelligent catback valvetronic exhaust installed this past week. Had the Carbon Fiber tip option as well. Car sounds incredible with just an upgraded catback. Check out the install video and sound clips. LINK: Reving and driving sound clips are towards the...