lowering springs

  1. Looking for advice on a build.

    Looking to get a bunch of goodies all at once but not sure on what exactly I should get. I have 2022 3.0 Premium and would like to get a catted downpipe either from AA or VRSF not trying to throw a CEL though. I want a Dinan intake and turbo inlet tube or Armaspeed intake and tubes. Lastly...
  2. FS: Used H&R Sport Springs - Toyota Supra A90 2020+

    Used Toyota A90 A91 GR Supra H&R Lowering Springs for sale. Comes with 2 pairs, front and rear. Installed on my Supra for about half year, <3k miles. Decided to get a Coilover so I am selling this for $200 obo. Pick up in 94546 Part Number: HR-28664-90 Front: Lowers 1 inch Rear: Lowers .75 inch
  3. Revel Coilovers - DSG Performance

    Made in Japan, an excellent daily driver coilover with 32-levels of dampening and regularly in-stock, no wait times and doesn't break the bank. Coilovers include coilover covers to keep the dirt out and radial bearing mounts to reduce noise and in-car vibrations SHOP HERE In-Stock
  4. Lowering Springs for daily driving/occasional track use

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some lowering springs that will function well for daily driving as well as 1-3 track days per year. Right now I am leaning toward the Eibach Pro-Kit, as it includes replacement bump stops. After looking at spring rates, the Eibach rear spring rate does seem pretty...
  5. MSS Adjustable Lowering Springs - DSG Performance

    I don't really need to go into huge detail why these MSS adjustable lowering springs are awesome, but having run these on our car before going full coilover I really enjoyed for the daily drive. It retains factory shocks so OEM EDC (no EDC delete needed, and still the advantage of normal + sport...
  6. Whiteline *In-Stock* @ DSG Performance

    Whiteline is always a great choice when trying not to break the bank but still put quality on your ride. We have a bunch in-stock, shop now at dsgperformance.com with live inventory on all Whiteline - Whiteline Front 24mm Sway Bar - SHOP HERE Whiteline Rear 18mm Sway Bar - SHOP HERE...
  7. Stock spring rate?

    Anyone knows what the stock spring rate? If you have the spring rate of eibach and h&r it would be great!
  8. Eibach VS H&R track use

    Have anyone got experience with any of those springs in everyday and track use? Pros and cons? Any noise? Thanks!
  9. Which lowering springs…?

    Ordered the BMS 13mm front/15mm rear spacers. Still have stock rims and tires. Stuck on whether I should go for the H&R or the Eibach Pro Kit springs? Worried about tire rubbing and overall ride height. Does anyone have any input?
  10. For Sale: H&R Lowering Springs (new in box)

    Specs & Features: Lowers 1.0in Front and 0.75in Rear Includes all 4 lowering springs. $260
  11. Eibach Pro-Kit Spring Install and MODEPlus Spacer Kit.

    Hi Guys - hoping this is OK to post - did an in depth vid swapping out the suspension in 2020 MkV and throwing on some spacers. Link below:
  12. Kings Must Rise

    Kings Must Rise


    SWIFT Lowering Springs AVAILABLE NOW! What's up guys! Take a look at these springs, if you're interested, hit me up. We're so excited that they're finally available! See details and pricing below! Swift-made Lowering Springs keep the quality ride you get from the showroom, and adds improved...
  14. 20” or 19” TE37’s or Other Rims???

    I wanted to ask on everyone’s opinion if they would rather go 19”s or 20”s. I have plans on going Widebody in the possible future but I do want to run the rims throughout the duration before then. I don’t know how much ground clearance I get with daily driving if I run the typical set up of 19 x...
  15. H&R Lowering Springs

    H&R Lowering Springs What's up guys! Finally got around to posting H&R's lowering springs. Take a look at them and let me know if you're interested. See details and pricing below! H&R springs have superb ride comfort and increased driving convenience. The springs are high quality products—they...
  16. Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs

    Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs What's up guys! Finally got around to posting the Eibach Pro-Kit on the forums. Take a look, if you're interested, hit me up. See details and pricing below! The Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs will lower your Supra's center of gravity, reducing squat during...

    Black friday starts today for Mod in Japan HKS TOYOTA SUPRA A90 ADJUSTABLE SPRING KIT HKS Suspension makes it possible to adjust vehicle height and lower by -45mm maximum compared to stock suspension. Front Height Range: -25mm to -45mm Rear Height Range 0 to -50mm we have 9 in stock Order...
  18. HKS HIPERMAX Touring - Adjustable Spring Kit

    HKS HIPERMAX Touring - Adjustable Spring Kit Now available is the HKS HIPERMAX Touring kit. Contact us for availability. See details and pricing below! Most high-performance cars on the road today feature electronic control of the suspension damping for a tunable ride that the driver can...

    H&R SPORT SPRINGS - 2020+ TOYOTA SUPRA (A90) In stock and ready to ship! PM for SUPRAMKV member pricing! Front: Lowers 1 inch Rear: Lowers .75 inch Sport Spring kits are H&R's number one selling product. Enhance the look of your vehicle with a reduced fender well gap. H&R Sport Springs...
  20. HKS Hipermax Touring Adjustable Springs IN STOCK! (A90)

    We're happy to announce that we have received a large shipment of HKS Hipermax Touring Adjustable Springs in stock! We are offering special introductory SupraMKV pricing for the first 5 sets sold! Concept and Features: Recently, a lot of high performance cars feature electronically controlled...