velgen forged wheels

  1. Supra in Phantom Gray Recieving Velgen SL-5 Series

    We’re no stranger when it comes to the new A90 Supra. These Velgen SL-5 just give this Supra the look it was missing! These wheels are high performance wheels that come in just shy of 23.5lbs. This set here is ready for this Supra to hit the track and also do some driving around town! These are...
  2. Velgen Wheels - Consumers Request

    Hello guys, would like to get your feedback on what you guys would like to run on your A90 Supra. We are getting a lot of request for both 19" & 20" so we are asking for your guys opinion on what you guys would like to run or better said would run on your A90.
  3. The 2020 Supras Are Coming! - On Velgen SL-7

    This Nitro Yellow, is equipped with brand new Velgen Forged SL-7 – a wheel model designed perfectly for the latest Supra – and finished in a brushed clear centers with polished lips. This Supra is also paired with lowering springs to give it the perfect drop to go with the forged step lip wheels...
  4. Velgen Forged SL Series

    Velgen would like to introduce you to our Velgen Forged SL (Step-Lip) Series. These wheels are fully forged and manufactured from 6061-T6 Forged Aluminum. Velgen Forged SL is tested to the following standards SAE, JWL, & VIA standards, TUV is in progress! All cusom production orders will be...