Cusco Tow Hooks - How To Install, Tips, Tricks


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Jan 27, 2020
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Charlotte, NC
2020 Supra
1. Remove Cover Plate By Pushing On Bottom. There is an arrow showing where to push on the plastic cover.

2. Place tape in a (+) pattern that is centered in the middle of the tow hook thread hole.

3. Remove two sides of the tape. Just enough to insert the cover back into the stock location. Be sure to not remove the entire piece of tape. Only enough to get the cover back in place.

4. Drill a pilot hole at intersection (+) location of your tape.
  • Tip: You might be able to skip Step 2 & 3. Zoomed in pictures are located below of where I drilled the pilot hole. You might be able to align your pilot hole location based off the location markings on the back of the plastic cover plate (as seen in pics).

5. Now remove the cover and drill out a hole large enough for the tow hook bolt to slide through.
  • Tip: Be careful not to drill into the top of the cover where the clip is located on the cover. The drill bit will get very close so be sure not to cut it off, otherwise you will need to buy a new cover plate.
  • Trick: Being plastic, I used a 1" wood bit to get a perfect fit. Another option would be to use a hole saw. The diameter of the 1" hole saw was a little bigger than I liked (as seen in the picture), so I opted for the wood bit.

6. Since the plastic covers are installed at angles, you will need to dremel either the top/bottom of the hole so the bolt can fit at the proper angle.
  • Tip: Dremel a little at a time because you can always remove plastic but you can't add it back.
  • Trick: It's easier to reinstall the cover back on first and then install the tow hook through the cover while it is already in place. If you can't get a smooth fit, then repeat step 6 until the tow hook bolt slides in smooth and flush.
  • Trick: Use a level to get the tow hook horizontal. The curves of the bumper, body, lights can throw your eyes off a bit.
  • Tip: Don't forget some anti-seize on the tow hook bolts.

** Yes, car is dirty as she is not a garage queen **
Rear Installation:


[url=] 49550043857_5857392126_b.jpg

[url=] 49550043847_4776c77a44_b.jpg

[url=] 49549815701_7022098524_b.jpg

[url=] 49549314848_726089e9c6_b.jpg

[url=] 49549314823_8bfdfd3697_b.jpg

[url=] 49549815666_a9e44c4657_b.jpg

[url=] 49550043772_3b687a611d_b.jpg

[url=] 49549815481_4ee7610524_b.jpg

Front Installation:

[url=] 49549815656_15389d0a3a_b.jpg

[url=] 49549314783_970232c44f_b.jpg

[url=] 49549314778_08805df3b6_b.jpg

[url=] 49550043737_c10a34c95f_b.jpg

[url=] 49549815596_1740b079f1_b.jpg

[url=] 49549815586_eb6d48a997_b.jpg

[url=] 49549815571_e6c7114741_b.jpg

[url=] 49549815556_b5950229fe_b.jpg

[url=] 49549314728_3f1235e47e_b.jpg